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A case for not putting baby asleep in car seat

I know of so many mothers that put their sleepy baby alone, to snooze in a car seat. I know I have done it on occassion, brought a baby asleep in his/her carseat and put the seat on a coffee table, not to wake the baby, or put a baby with reflux to sleep in his/her car seat.

I have never heard of putting a two year old in their seat to sleep. A toddler just isn’t as portable. Not sure why you would strap a two-year old in a seat a let them sleep there. Seems more like tying them down at that age – no?

The police say no charges have been filed, but doesn’t this border on abuse? You don’t strap a toddler into a car seat because they’re being “fussy”! Seems like an act of abuse whether or not charges are ultimately filed or not.

A two-year-old Stafford girl is dead after being left in a car seat overnight.

According to court documents, the toddler’s mother put her in a car seat and left her in a bedroom early Wednesday morning because she was being fussy.