Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

You finally did it. Expecting. Bun in the oven. Preggers. Knocked up. Con el niƱo. Etc, etc. But enough of that. When can you plan on starting the everlasting joy of sleepless nights, adding an hour to the time it takes to leave the house, and only eating out at restaurants with “Chuck” and/or “Cheese” in the name? Well, we’ve provided this handy tool to help find out. There are two methods you can use to determine your due date. Either 1) enter the first day of your last period or, if your sex life is as active as most married couples (i.e., once a month), you can probably pin down 2) the day you most likely conceived. Keep in mind that all of our bodies are different, and little babies are notorious for not keeping a schedule, so use this as a guideline and not a foolproof tool (in other words, don’t book the hospital room just yet).