Ovulation Date Calculator

Trying to get pregnant? Predict your ovulation date with our ovulation calculator.

You’re trying to join that elite class of pregnant mothers, huh? Expecting. Bun in the oven. Preggers. Knocked up. Etc., etc.

But enough of that. How do you figure out your best time to get pregnant? By using our ovulation calculator and predicting your ovulation date, of course. Basically it’s a simple calculation based on the date of your last period. Enter that information below, then click calculate, and our ovulation calculator will do the rest.

And we are assuming you’re using this to try and conceive because (this is important, kids) this is not a good way to try and prevent pregnancy. Our bodies are all different, and some women have irregular cycles, so please consider this ovulation calculator just a general tool. That all said, let’s get busy!