The Parental is Political

Our guide to family government, politics and advocacy in your area


Squeaky wheels often do get the grease, especially when working on a micro level at your school board or town hall. Use these government and political resources to make a difference in your community.

Guide to Political Party Platforms

OK, you may affiliate with one particular political party, but be honest — are you really aware of where the party stands on all the issues? Or for that matter, where the opposition stands?

Local and State Government Contact Information

Have a grievance about local laws, policies or proposed state and local programs? This website is an excellent resource for those who want to contact the right people voice their concerns or their accolades (How much does that happen?…I have no idea!) This site lists where you can contest local taxes, your state senator, your state legislative, judicial and executive branches, state and county agencies etc. Armed with this information, there’s no reason not to complain now!

U.S. Senators Contact Information

Wanna bitch to your state’s U.S. senator, but were too lazy to find out who your U.S. Senator is? (If that’s the case – shame on you!). The Imperfect Parent spoon-feeds you this crap. How awesome are we??? State senators are also listed.

U.S. House of Representatives Contact Information

And for those of you dying to contact your House Representative, I give you kudos for evening knowing what they do! For those of you that don’t, a brief lesson will follow so you can look smart at your next cocktail party. Even has a nifty link that brings up your House Rep in your state coupled with a handy email link. Think about it, you don’t even have to walk away from your cold brew to bitch. That rules!

Which Political Side Are You Leaning?

Take this political quiz if you’re too lazy or uninformed to pick a side on your own. Find out which party you should root for.

How Hollywood Kills Politics