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Mominatrix goes on a boudoir photo shoot.

A few years ago as part of my Father’s Day Guide, I recommended boudoir photos as a gift for the dad in your life. Or at least, the one you have sex with. But trying to find a photographer that specialized in these types of photos that wasn’t interested in selling your photos on their “totally legit” website was nearly impossible. You’re certainly not going to walk into your local Olan Mills in a pair of thigh highs and heels.

These days, you’ll find no shortage of boudoir and pin-up photographers, most of whom are completely legitimate photographers who decided to capitalize on this growing niche. Women of all shapes and sizes are deciding to grab their sexy by the balls and put it all out there, with a little soft focus, strategically placed lingerie, and Photoshop. Not just as a bridal gift for their husbands-to-be, which is apparently quite a hot trend, but as a way for moms to showcase their gorgeous post-baby bodies. For their horny spouses. And for themselves.

I sought out the services of Laura Boyd, a NYC-based photographer whose work I had seen last year when a couple of friends of mine had boudoir photos done by her. The difference between what I seen in my own personal research and her photos was astounding. Not only did the women in her online gallery, who by the way are not models, all look amazing, but the photographs were sexy and artful. Think Playboy versus Penthouse. Erotica versus porn. These women oozed sex with subtle sophistication.

After deciding Laura was the photographer I wanted to work with, I looked through her extremely well-organized site to pick the photo package I wanted, as well as the different set backgrounds. Additionally, you can hire a hair and make-up artist, which I highly recommend. Unless you’re used to doing yourself up for a sexy photo shoot, spend the extra money and enlist the help of a professional.

Upon completing my reservation, I completed a lengthy email questionnaire asking me everything from a music playlist that makes me feel sexy to body parts I loved most and ones I’m not so happy with.

Then it was up to me to find the perfect attire. Or lack thereof.

On the day of my photo shoot, I worked with make-up artist and hair stylist Sasha Safdiah, who gave me sexy eyes and hair before I slipped on my first outfit which might, at first, feel a little disconcerting, but Laura’s studio is small and intimate, not intimidating. She’s a one-woman show, with a calm, comforting demeanor, offering you posing tips and direction to help you get the best shot. Not to be confused with the money shot.

And all along the way, she gives you just enough encouragement to make you feel sexy not skeevy.

The results… well, I’ll let my photos do the rest:

To book a session with Laura Boyd, visit her website. I was not compensated for this review, though I did receive a press discount for my photo shoot.