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The Mominatrix heads to a NYC sex party.

Last week, I was invited to attend the Durex "Get a Room" Party at the Gansvoort Park Hotel in Manhattan. What better way to spend a hump day evening than schmoozing and boozing over sex?

Condoms anyone?

Plus, I needed an excuse to wear my new black leather shorts.

Sneaky photo by Cecily K.

The event kicks off the Durex "Get a Room" contest, encouraging the company's Facebook fans to share their awesomely sexy or not stories for the chance to win a fabulous trip to NYC and a night in the pimped out "Get a Room" suite, which comes fully stocked with condoms and toys.

Even the faucet is sexy.

You'll even find a stripper pole in the bedroom.

Giving it a test spin.

The event culminated with an appearance by special guest Bridget Marquardt, best known as one of the sexy blonde ex-girlfriends of Hugh Hefner and star of the reality series Girls Next Door.

Apparently there is life after Hef. Rowr.

After a few turns around the stripper pole, I sat down with Bridget and a couple of my favorite blogging moms Victoria Pericon and Cecily Kellogg to get some special sex tips from one of the hottest ladies of reality television.

Here were my questions for Bridget:

Mominatrix: So what's something that every mom should have in her sex arsenal?

Bridget: I think she needs to have an extra special pair of lace panties and some sexy heels. If you feel sexier than you're going to have the confidence in the bedroom. Something that you feel good in, doing your hair and make-up, and a high pair of heels.

M: Regardless of whether they've lost the baby weight – it doesn't matter right?

B: I think if it makes you feel good then you should do it whenever. I think getting all done up – and I know being a mom that you probably don't have as much time, but taking that time for yourself and your spouse will be time well spent. Everyone will appreciate it.

M: Any tips for moms on those bad body days, because I know a lot of moms when they have icky days, they're not feeling so great, the stretch marks it's hard to feel sexy: What do you do, other than turn off the lights?

B: I know sometimes you just have to have those bad days. Everyone has the right to feel that it's a sweats and t-shirt day, and then it's really about finding ways to hide those things.

Sometimes though it's just a big deal for you and no one else really notices it.

When I was designing the costumes, I kept in mind that some women would want to hide their stomach so I made them so they have 3 pieces, particularly a waist cincher or corset. So that's something to keep in mind when you're looking for clothes – clothes that emphasize the waist.

Also, focus on things that you love about yourself – if you have great boobs, push them up and wear something else that hides what you're not feeling great about. If you've got amazing legs, then wear a short skirt [Ed. note: Or leather shorts!] and a turtleneck and long sleeves on the rest. Take what you love about yourself and accentuate it.

There's still plenty of time to enter the Durex "Get a Room" contest. Head over to their Facebook page and share your story. Who knows? You might end up with a much-needed NYC getaway. And whole lot of sex.

This post was sponsored by Durex.