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2010: A Sexual Resolution

UPDATE: The sexual resolution has begun — see the list below or follow the Mominatrix along over at our blog.

Before you write one more well-meaning resolution that requires hours on the treadmill, an expensive gym membership, and squeezing your ass into tight yoga pants, let the Mominatrix help you write one that might change more than your year.
It might just change your life.
The Mominatrix is recruiting you to join her in a Sexual Resolution. So for the entire month of January, she’ll help you whip your libido back into shape with daily sex-related assignments catered specifically to busy parents. That’s right. From sleeping naked and going "commando," to buying a new sex toy and sending your partner a sext message, you naughty moms will submit yourself to 31 days of simple challenges that might just be the key to unleashing your own inner Mominatrix.
If you’re more of a voyeur, then you can follow along at the Mominatrix’s blog, where she’ll document her own daily progress (yes, she’s doing it too), as well as share helpful hints and special tips and adaptations for you overachievers.
31 Days. Thousands of very happy partners. But even better, thousands of very happy moms.
Let’s start 2010 with a bang.

It’s never too late to catch up! Here are the challenges so far:

Challenge #1: Wear a Thong

Challenge #2: Sleep Naked

Challenge #3: Read an Erotic Romance Story

Challenge #4: Have Fun With Lube

Challenge #5: Find Your G-Spot

Challenge #6: Make a Sex Playlist

Challenge #7: Hair Care Down There

Challenge #8: Get Fitted for a Bra

Challenge #9: Get a New Sex Toy. A Good One.

Challenge #10: Use Your Hands

Challenge #11: Kegels

Challenge #12: Send a Sext Message

Challenge #13: Shower Together

Challenge #14: Go Commando

Challenge #15: Accentuate Your Assets

Challenge #16: Try a New Sex Position

Challenge #17: Tweak Your Technique

Challenge #18: Watch Porn

Challenge #19: Take the Reins

Challenge #20: Use Your Mouth

Challenge #21: Talk Dirty to Me

Challenge #22: Tie Me Up

Challenge #23: Be a Tease

Challenge #24: Share a Sexual Fantasy

Challenge #25: Get Dolled Up

Challenge #26: Masturbate

Challenge #27: Doin’ the Butt

Challenge #28: Resources and Education

Challenge #29: Mutuality & Reciprocity

Challenge #30: Sex With the Lights On

Challenge #31: Do as Many of the Previous Challenges as You Can in One Day/Night

Make your New Year’s sexier by joining the sexual resolution: follow the Mominatrix’s sex challenge all through the month of January, and add the button to your blog.

Prizes for participants and voyeurs provided by Eden Fantasys.