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A Scientific Weight Loss Break-Thru For The New Millenium

Hold onto your stretch jeans, Jenny Craig! Throw away your Spanx!

According to a USA Today article, Americans can lose weight by?‚? simply putting their minds to it.

If?‚? we would just decide to eat less?‚? our waistlines would diminish.?‚? TA DAH!

I hate to throw a wrench into modern journalistic reporting, but?‚? I have decided that many times.

Didn’t work.

I’ve put my mind to losing weight about gazillion times in my almost 43 years and it has gotten harder with age to even remember what I’m trying to eat or not eat, let alone have the weight actually fall like a boulder off a cliff.

Geez, I feel silly for thinking all these years that it had to do with genetics, hormones, health, environment, media, exercise, motivation and actually doing something to counterbalance it all.

I think I’ll just add “putting your mind to it” to the list of things I tell my kids about eating right. I’m sure glad that modern life and schedules don’t sometimes lead us to the drive-thru and that Chips Ahoy bribes aren’t sometimes the way to get to talk on phone for five minutes.?‚? I’m glad that my teens and tweens listen to everything?‚? I say and do not buy the junk food in the school cafeteria.?‚? I’m glad neither of my kids will want candy on Halloween.

Before you comment out the whazoo telling me that all you do have to do is put your mind to it, there are many more variables than that involved, and putting your mind to it is just step one.

Step two is now not reading silly articles that profess to have a simple answer to an age-old very complicated problem for millions.?‚?