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We did it!

Even the most novice of parents knows that the experience of raising a child is full of milestones. First steps, first birthday, first day of school, first date, first husband. The nurturing of a website also has milestones — at The Imperfect Parent, they were creating our first web page, reaching the 1000th post in our community, selling our first t-shirt, adding our 100th piece of content, receiving our first hate mail. And now today, as we celebrate our fourth anniversary, The Imperfect Parent is pleased to announce that we have taken our first shit in the potty.

The Imperfect Parent is not necessarily changing, but improving. It will be the same site that you know and love, but there will be more of it. We are aggressively pursuing great writers to add to our talented stable. New content will be added on a daily basis. Book reviews and in-depth feature articles will be added on a regular basis. Look for great new resources coming soon such as the MILF Handbook and Education Guide. We’ve added a blog to highlight some of the other great stuff out there on the web. Which all reminds me, I really need to get an assistant — click those ads, people!

We’re really excited about the direction The Imperfect Parent is heading, and we’re inviting you — in the immortal words of the greatest rock band ever, Roxette — to come and join the joyride. Be a joyrider.