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Tips for a Valentine’s Day date night makeover.

I want to look amazing for a Valentine’s Day evening out with my husband, I think he has forgotten what I look like without grey sweatpants and a ponytail! How do I knock his socks off with a glamorous look?

You need to pull out all the stops right? Here is what you have to do…I call it “The Saint Valentine’s Day Mascara!”

First of all, congrats on making a date with your husband and getting a much deserved break. Time for flowers and chocolate, right? Wrong! A good percentage of mothers don’t even get a card on Valentine’s Day, but this year it’s time for a change. Everyone should vow to make a romantic dinner date with your husband or significant other. Tell him ahead of time what you expect. If you want a box of chocolates as big as your head, tell him! If you like handwritten poems, tell him to write one! Since my husband is a musician, maybe I will hint to him that he should write me a song this year. (Are you reading this, sweetie?) And, as a reward, you can show your Valentine that you are still one hot mama by getting a Valentine’s Day makeover! It will only take a couple of hours, and will leave you feeling gorgeous and refreshed. Here is how to get started.

Have your babysitter come over a few hours before your dinner date. It will be worth the time to pamper yourself, trust me. First, start with your hair. Now, you don’t have to do anything drastic – no crazy cut or expensive highlights needed. All you need to do is get a professional blowout. If you have never had your hair blown out before, you are in for a real treat. It will transform your look. Your hair will be smooth, sleek and sexy. Plus, a good blowout will usually last a few days so you’ll get extra mileage out of it as well. Now, here is the really exciting part, you don’t have to go to an expensive salon. For a budget blowout even your local Best Cuts or Great Clips will work. Those hair stylists have the same training as the ones at the high priced salons for a much better price. Or, try out the salon at your local Beauty College. They usually have special training appointments and are very inexpensive. Plus, those students are completely up to date on the latest tips and techniques!

Next stop is the nail salon. You don’t need to have the time or money for a full manicure because all you need is a polish change. It’s quick and easy, and usually costs around five dollars. Go for a sexy red! You can’t go wrong with red on a short squoval-shaped nail. Or for the truly daring, how about a shimmery black? This hot trend is showing up everywhere, and is not just for the goth scene anymore. Edgy elegance is the way to go this Valentine’s Day. Try OPI’s Black Onyx ($7.50) or Chanel’s Noir Ceramic ($18). If you don’t usually have your nails done, this is the most fun way to add a little spice to your look.

The final stop is at the cosmetics section of your local department store. Pick your favorite line or even one that you are not that familiar with but have always wanted to try. Have a makeup artist do your makeup. As a makeup artist, it always surprises me how many moms have never had a professional makeup application! Most cosmetics lines put a lot of time and education into training their beauty advisors. Find someone whose look you like, or bring along a picture from a magazine of someone’s makeup you think would look great on you. Don’t be afraid to try new colors or ideas. Try a bronzer! Dust on some sparkle! Jazz it up! Usually these makeovers are complimentary, but make sure you treat yourself to something fun. A new lip gloss for your big night out is a perfect choice.

All that’s left to do now is throw on your favorite “going out” outfit for your night on the town, and be prepared to make your Valentine’s heart beat faster! Have a great Valentine’s Day!