It was a breezy morning. The curtains on the window billowed, blowing in the cool morning air that gently ruffled the bangs of my hair across my face. The birds were singing the glories of the nearly autumn sunshine and the crickets joined their cheery chorus. I promptly pulled the comforter over my head.

I don’t quite hear, but more like sense (A sixth sense mother’s develop, “I see little people!”) someone standing on my side of the bed, very close to my right ear. Mustering up as much courage as possible in my caffeine-deprived state, I pull down the covers and find myself staring at a pacifier. I hear more than see the pacifier’s owner, “Ud Mownin’ Mommy!” “Mmmmm, ugh, ohhh.” Loosely translated, this means, “Good morning my little one. I trust that you had a restful night. Give us a kiss, would you?” Pop, smack, the pacifier is quickly replaced and its owner pirouettes her way by the cat; the culprit of my now badly cramped legs.

The scent of coffee deliciously stimulates my senses. I hesitantly open my eyes and take a moment to focus on my husband’s smiling yet weary face, my coffee mug in his hand. I gingerly lift one of my arms and point toward the bedside table and shift my sleep filled gaze toward the bloody alarm clock. “Oomph!” Further translation required, this means, “I’ve got to get in the shower!”

My husband makes a hasty retreat; after 13 years of marriage, he knows better than to linger. I manage to cajole my aching body into somewhat of an upright position. Crack, I bend my head to the left, snap I bend my head to the right and put a hand through my hair. I feel its pain as it is obviously suffering from major bed head. A thought comes to my mind-okay, more like a snicker, really…..”If I had a hairdresser, wardrobe manager, make-up artist, lighting director and a filtered lens, I’d look like the women who wake on television or the movies.” In my current state, faded T-shirt and bleached stained sweat pants, I just look like one tired Mom.

I scuff my way to the bathroom, careful to avoid the mirror and turn on the shower….A pleasant sound taken in with my first cup of coffee. Not two sips later, there’s a gentle rapping at the door. I count to 10, push my shoulders back and open the door. Three out of four of my children are now standing in front of me, each in various stages of dress. I gently say my good mornings and patiently listen to their dreams, good and/or bad, and tell them to, “Give Momma 5 minutes.”

I turn, utter a disgraceful sentence (I looked in the mirror by accident) and enter the haven that is my shower. There is some more rapping at the door, not so gentle this time. I answer, not so patiently this time, “If it’s an emergency, please advise your Father, otherwise, I still have about 3 minutes left.” I immediately feel guilty and finish in less than 2 (it’s chilly today, i.e., I skip shaving my legs).

Toweled, coifed and after a somewhat desperate attempt with make up, I emerge ready to tackle the day. Then I remember the chores, errands and the soccer practice (that may or may not be canceled due to the promise of rain later this afternoon) and the prospect of having to pick the girls up in the pouring rain with two youngest in protesting tow. “Ugh!” I grumble and sit on the bed, causing the cat to lift his head in annoyance. “Sorry bub — need to put my sneakers on.” Yep, I’m apologizing to the cat. Why? Because I’ve totally lost it, that’s why.

Some moments later, we pile into the car, and head out into minivan/suv infested world. My two oldest literally fall out of the car and grab their respective backpacks. They pile back into the minivan, sans backpacks, because the two youngest are demanding kisses good-bye. The sun shines on their caramel and honey colored hair as I watch them walk away. I yell, “Hey, where’s my kiss?” Ooops, and many giggles later, they each plant one on my cheek and say, “TGIF, Momma!” For what won’t be the last time today, they managed to make me smile.

TGIF – Big Time!