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Dealing with an unexpected short haircut and summer hair care tips.

I went to my stylist, and wanted a trim. I did not get a trim. It’s beyond short at the moment. The poor girl actually cut my neck with her scissors.  People say it looks cute, but I am a little freaked. My makeup isn’t looking right at the moment. What can I do to compliment my new short do?

You know what you need to do? Step it up a bit. Focus on your eyes or your lips. Play it up. One of you features needs to be strong to offset the discomfort you feel with your new style, which I am sure looks fab. You will get used to it. But in the meanwhile, you have some work to do. Play up your other features. It will make you feel better.
Hair’s Worst Enemy — The Sun
There are a few factors during summer that can really wreak havoc on your hair. You know by now how important it is to protect your skin with a daily sun block. But did you know that your hair needs protection too? This is even more important if you have color-treated hair. And nowadays, doesn’t everyone have a slightly different shade than they were born with?  Whether you color at home or head to the salon for those all-important gray covering highlights, you should protect your investment. Otherwise, your hair color can fade drastically, dry out, or look brassy from sun damage. The sun is the worst enemy of your hair. Luckily, there are some great protection products available made especially for your hair, and come in a price range to fit your budget.

On the luxury end of hair products is one of my favorite lines by Frederic Fekkai. This summer he has come out with a specially formulated line to save your silky strands. It’s called Summer Hair, and there are three products that each retail for $20. The first one is called “Zero Humidity”, and this is a lightweight gel-crème that creates an invisible shield on wet or dry hair to protect it from the sun and acts as a conditioner. Plus it combats frizz. I hate frizz. I need this product to fight the frizz. The second product is for someone with wavy or curly hair who wants to achieve that sexy beachy texture. It’s called “Wash & Wear Instant Shampoo Spray.” I adore its citrus coconut scent. Anything beachy is perfect for summer.  The light mist adds waves while blocking the damaging effects of the sun, salt and chlorine. Toss it right in your beach bag and use it at the pool to get a fun summer look. You will have the best looking hair poolside! The last product in the line is called “Wash & Wear”. It’s an instant shampoo spray that allows you to refresh and redo your hair without actually shampooing. I know that my hair is usually a mess after we get back from the pool, and with two small children at my feet, I usually don’t have time to shower and restyle before we are off to the next activity. This is a definite “must have” on my list. You can find Frederic Fekkai at Sephora, Nordstrom, and some Bath and Body Works stores.
If you don’t have the time or the money to locate these great sun-specific hair products, then here is a simple hair saving tip — before you head outside or to the pool, get your hair soaking wet and run a dime size amount of your regular conditioner through your hair. Then, just tie it back in a braid or ponytail. Oddly enough, wet hair will soak up less of the chlorinated pool water than dry hair. As soon as you get home, just rinse your hair out and it will feel silky smooth after this conditioning treatment! Plus, it’s practically free because you can use the conditioner that is already in your shower. So be a good friend to your hair this summer. Treat your hair well. Be vigilant about protecting your strands from the damaging effects of the sun and they will look colorful and radiant all season long.