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Pandora Gets Lazy by Carolyn Hennesy

Pandora Gets LazyPandora Gets Lazy
by Carolyn Hennesy
Bloomsbury USA; $14.99
288 pp.; ISBN-13: 978-1599901985

Review by S. Spangler (age 10)

Synopsis: Pandora Gets Lazy is the third book in the series. In it, 13 year old Greek maiden Pandora (nicknamed Pandy) is traveling all over the world to find the evils that she let into the world by accident. Whoops! Luckily, she has three awesome friends named Iole, Alcie and Homer to help her. All's going well until they get separated and then kidnapped. Pandora is alone and Iole, Alcie and Homer get captured by weird-looking creatures. Pandy is not alone for long, though! Soon she finds two orphan brothers and their adventure begins together. As they reach their destination, Pandora realizes that she's where she needs to be to find the next big evil; but she receives a BIG surprise! Find out how Pandora captures her evil and what she learns along the way.

Opinion: I really liked this book! For mythology lovers like me, this would be the perfect book! I think the perfect age range is 10-13, but I think adults would like it too. Except for Iole's usage of incredibly big words, the vocabulary was stress-free! There are also three epilogues in the end: a glossary of mythological names, Iole's words and the places Pandora went to. If you want to catch up on Pandy's adventures, check out: Pandora Gets Jealous – #1 and Pandora Gets Vain – #2.

My Rating:

Mom's Opinion: I liked Pandora Gets Lazy, the third book in the series by Carolyn Hennesy. This series is great for any child interested in mythology. Pandora Gets Lazy follows Pandy and her "buds" on their quest to capture laziness, and provides them with the opportunity to capture a bonus evil.

Pandora Gets Lazy was funny, contained several "cliffhangers" and provided a few fantastic morals for its characters. This book promoted family, love and sacrifice. It does shed light on a budding crush. That may cause a parent to give it a second thought, or allocate it for a tad older reader. However, I do like the way each member of the "couple" seems to truly care about the well-being of the other, which could be a very good starting point for a parent/child discussion. Ms. Hennesy's characters are maturing and their depth unfolding with each book. It's a delightful transition to follow. Look for the fourth book in the series Pandora Gets Heart.

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