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NYC Beauty & Style: A Shopping Tour of the City in 64,937 Steps.

(Yes, I have a pedometer to prove it.)

Here I am at one of the Sheratons in New York City. I chose to stay here because the Sheraton reminds me fondly of my childhood. It might have been the fact that in my house we had Sheraton logo adorned towels in our bathroom (my parents were in the hotel business, we weren’t kleptos). Anyway, the bottom line is that I LOVE NYC. I love the food, the lights, the noise, the people, the pizza, and especially the shopping. I can’t get enough of it. Makeup, clothes, shoes, fancy chocolate, or whatever. Bring it on. So here is a summery of some of the items I shopped for until I literally dropped and fell asleep on the floor of my hotel room. I was actually on the phone at the time and I had to plug it in to charge it. It sadly wouldn’t reach the bed, so I had to talk on the phone on the floor, OK? I normally don’t sleep on the floor. Even though the comforter that I dragged off the bed was stylish and comfy.
The point is that I live to shop. My main goal in life is to make as much dinero as I can so that I may shop more. Here is my shopping rule: I like to shop alone. That way I can see whatever I am interested in without thinking about what other might want to see. I know it’s totally selfish. I get that, and I just don’t mind. No one can keep up with my shopping feet. Some have tried. Most have failed. I move very quickly. Not that I even ever really need to buy anything. The sport of looking and window shopping is just fine with me. Here are a few of the highlights.
The Dress
I needed a dress for the one meeting I had to go to on my shopping vacation. It was simple, and elegant — Elie Tahari, a favorite of Halley Berry. Chic, and the best part about it was that it had pockets for my iPod and phone. I love pockets. The color of the dress was  Black and white, and red all over. Well, not really. Just my shoes were red.

The Fragrance
The new one by Hermes was one that I just had to have. The only reason being is that it’s called "Kelly" which is easy to remember because that’s my name. Oddly enough I had always hoped that I would marry someone with the last name "Kelly" so that I would be "Kelly Kelly". That didn’t happen, but at least I have the Kelly fragrance.

The store in Times Square is freakin unreal. It’s heaven on earth. Seriously, I adore everything about it. The only thing I bought was a tweezerman tweezer set. I couldn’t bring mine in my carry on on the plane. Silly TSA…why do you torture me so?

Toys R Us
I even enjoy shopping for people other than myself. Especially my children. So I bought my five year old a NYC Hello Kitty shirt. I am still a little ticked off that I couldn’t get on in my size.
As I finish writing this, I now am atop the Marriot in Times Square in a lounge called "The View", as I sip my "View Fizz" in one of their signature cocktail glasses that I just had to have because you get to keep it as a souvenir. It’s one of those revolving restaurant attractions, and it’s pretty cool.  See, I can even shop and work at the same time!