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“I Spy” for Parents

(With sincere appreciation and apologies to the creators of the I Spy book series)

I Spy: Laundry Hell

I spy despair and guilt, toil and Tide.
Too much laundry to even attempt to hide.

Beach towels, even though now it’s Fall.
Clothes stacked so long they’ve outgrown all.

A squishy blue pillow that doesn’t belong,
Mommy’s ratty Size L thongs,

T-shirts by the thousands in Boys size 8-10.
I put them away but they’re back again.

I Spy: Spooky Junk Drawer

I spy a drawer full of crap that’s filling up fast
with thumbtacks and party favors from birthdays past.

Batteries and light bulbs: do they work?
Empty scotch tape and pointless pencils lurk.

Screwdrivers and scissors, those household musts,
Fifty three cents, thumbtacks and dust.

The object of my search is tantalizingly near,
but I don’t know why I bother. It’s never in here.

I Spy: Island of Lost Toys

Please Mom Please Mom Please Mom Please?
I’ll simply die if I can’t have these!

A Magic 8 Ball, air hockey and darts,
A whoopie cushion that makes great farts.

A tiny scooter and a "Siamese Bendy" guy.
A fiber optic flashlight and magnetic checkers lie

Next to a water pistol and a Wooly Willy pen.
These and hundreds more, entirely forgotten.