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Writing the book on makeup; Halloween makeup for kids; Removing temporary tattoos

It’s officially October people. And ya know what I just did? Painted my toes black. Well, not actually black, but Russian Navy from OPI. It’s a dark sparking (subtle) navy color that looks almost purple-black in the bottle. I love it. Thank goodness for fall, and dark toes. Seriously. I was tired of punchy orange summer colors anyway. Sweater and boot (but not booties) me up and I am good to go for Fall! But first here are some questions I have been asked lately.

How did you manage to write a book and get it published about the beauty industry?

I have heard this question quite a few times in the past year. The process of writing my book, Lifetips 101 Makeup Tips sounds easy. It was not. Here is the lowdown…

December ’06 – I submitted my book proposal.
March ’07 – Heard from the Editor of Lifetips that it’s a go! Holy Crap, now I actually had to write the thing.
May ’07 – Book painfully completed. I say painful because I had no childcare help. Now I have a Nanny. It’s much easier to write. Before I would write a sentence and then do something for my adorable wonderful needy cute children. Every thing I do is essentially because of them. I love them more than life, but let me tell you it’s harder than heck to write a book and take care of them at the same time. Brutally hard. The second book will be much easier, right?
Aug ’07 – My book is published on (with various international sites. The German one cracks me up. Von Kelly Reising. Ha ha  ha.)
October ’07 – People are actually buying it. I can’t wrap my little tiny teeny brain around this idea, but it’s extremely nice. I am so grateful that people are even looking at it. It represents everything I feel about the art of makeup. Lofty I know, but it’s 10 years of my work in the makeup industry.

Halloween makeup for kids? What is the easiest route to go? Should I use some of my own?

Some of your own is best. Because usually you have tested it on your own skin and haven’t had any reactions. The main thing in using makeup on children for Halloween is to make sure it’s fragrance free, so they don’t experience any reactions from it like itchy red skin. Yuck. A couple of theatre companies make makeup crayons for kids. Mehron and Ben Nye are two of my favorite that have been around forever. You can trust their products and can make the cutest lions, and tigers and bears (oh my!) out of your kids for Halloween. Or how about a baby clown? I know clowns are usually creepy, but my baby brother Mike was one for Halloween when he was two and he was adorable! That was the only time I think he ever let my mother put makeup on him, because he was too little to fight her off!

My kids brought home some temporary tattoos. We did them all at once and covered their arms with these skin stickers. The problem now is that we are going on day 9 and they wont’ come off! I have tried, baby oil and soap to no avail. Is there anything I can do that will get rid of these annoying buggers? The ink they are sporting is even ticking off their school teachers. At least it’s kindergarten. Apparently arm art won’t fly in the first grade.
Two words for you. Lancome Bi-Facil Eye makeup remover. Alright that’s five words, but it will save your kid’s skin. Bi-Facil is their famous dual phase eye makeup remover. If you don’t already use it on your own lids, go out and get some right now. I guarantee it will get rid of the tattoos. And it’s always good to keep some handy to completely rid yourself of your own eye makeup. It’s been a favorite of mine for years. 10 years to be exact. But now Prescriptives has also come out with one. It’s pretty good. It might even be better. I’ll let you know.