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Getting ready in a hurry.

No time! No Time! There’s never any time! Remember that scene from "Mommie Dearest" when Faye Dunaway, who was brilliant as Joan Crawford by the way, is screaming bloody murder at her oldest daughter about not having enough time for everything? Don’t you sometimes feel like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done? Especially when it comes to getting yourself ready? Hair, makeup, clothes — who has time for all of that when there are kids to carpool, lunches to prepare, and endless field trips to go on? No wonder some of us just give up. We skip the makeup or sometimes don’t even get around to taking a shower or brushing our hair!

So it’s time to focus on you. Grab a little chunk of time to get yourself ready with a few shortcutting tips. I am a master at getting ready. Seriously! I can get myself made up, even spritz a little spray gel into my hair, dress both of my daughters and be in the car ready to go before my husband even finishes shaving. It’s an exact science getting ready fast. You can learn the tricks that will help you look better faster.
I just don’t have time to do my hair anymore, it’s slightly below my shoulders, and I usually just toss it up into the traditional "mom ponytail". I don’t want a short haircut either; I don’t think my husband could handle that!
If you don’t want to chop it off, like some moms do spur-of-the-moment as soon as they pop out their first kid, you need to find an easy way to wear it. Long hair can be "wash and go," with the right handling of your hair. First off, wash your hair at night. Don’t try to take a shower during the day. I don’t know what your kids do while you attempt to shower, but my two-year-old thinks that pulling the shower curtain back and letting in all the cold air is a fun game to play. Then, she wants to climb in with me. I just really can’t deep condition my hair and exfoliate my face with that kind of company. So, it’s much easier to take a relaxing shower at night after they go to bed. After you get out, gently towel-dry your hair.

Then you need two products: a leave in conditioner, and a gel-based product to smooth and give your hair definition. My favorite trick to achieve effortless bed head waves is to pile my wet hair on top of my head in a loose bun and secure it with two bobby pins. Then when I wake up in the morning, I can take out the pins, flip my head over and shake out my hair, displaying smooth, tousled waves. A couple of spritzes of hairspray and I am done. No hair dryer or appliances needed. It takes 30 seconds max. Then I don’t have to rely on a ponytail that is a dead giveaway that it’s been three days since I’ve had a shower!
I just don’t have the energy to wash my makeup off at night. After spending all day with my four children, it’s just too big of a pain in the you-know-what. Unfortunately, my skin doesn’t look so hot lately. The blackheads on my nose are starting to look like big polka dots. Help!
Here is what you should do. If you are just too tired to drag your dirty face into the bathroom to use the sink, then bring the sink to you! Wash your face in bed. Seriously! There are facial cleansers that wipe right off with a tissue. No water necessary. Or, you can try one of those cleansing facial wipes. Then, you need only to lay back, close your eyes, grab one and wipe away the dirt, bacteria, makeup, and grime of the day that is mucking up your normally pretty complexion. Now if some company could just come up with a way to brush teeth in bed, because that is a step I too often skip. And, if I could find a way to have someone bring me breakfast in bed, well, that would work, too. Maybe I just need a butler. Or ladies in waiting to pick out my clothes and get me dressed. I know I was some kind of queen in a former life — I bet you were, too!
Every Thursday night is date night. My husband and I get a sitter and go out on the town. Alright it’s just dinner and a movie usually, but I want to look good. I want to look better than good. The problem is that I never have time to get ready. By the time I get the kids fed and in their PJ’s, I barely have time to swipe on a little lipgloss before heading out the door. What can I do quickly to look less wiped out from the day and more "WOW"?
For starters, have you thought about having your sitter get there an hour earlier so that you have time to relax and get ready? Let her worry about getting the kids dinner and pajama time. You need time to knock your husband’s socks off! But if you don’t want to pay the sitter the extra time, you can still get ready in a hurry, you just need to know which products are going to make the biggest impact on your look fast. Focus on your eyes. Layer on extra mascara. Liquid eyeliner is bold and beautiful, and will look glamorous quickly as well. Don’t forget a touch of cream blush that you can rub on with your fingers for that sexy flushed look. Then, you can apply some lightly tinted shiny lipgloss. You want your lips to catch the light to look their fullest. This look should take no more than five minutes. And trust me, a little extra makeup is the easiest way to step outside of that "mom role" and show off how gorgeous you are!