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My Horrible OB-GYN Experience

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Health has never been a big concern in my life. As a child, my mother chose to avoid the doctor because I literally fought the nurses tooth and nail. That was back when antibiotics were given by needle, not mouth. So, I sweated out the fevers, took a few aspirin and got over it. When […]

How to Be Friends with a Working Mother

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I have a lot of friends who are wonderful mothers who freely admit that staying home would make them crazy. I never know quite how to respond. They look at me and I know they are thinking. “How the hell does she do it? Why the hell does she do it?” Hmmm. To this I […]

Post Baby: I Wear My Swimsuit and Stretch Marks Proudly

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Even before giving birth neither I nor any of my closest friends had the sort of body that you would immediately think to display on a beach. The closest I personally came to “Bathing Suit Confidence” was the summer I was sixteen when I dared to buy and actually wear a black bikini with the […]

When My 4-Year-Old Son Died, People Said the Wrong Things

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There was a day when the sun ceased to shine. You may have missed it; it didn’t make the headlines of any national paper. February 2 to most was only Groundhog Day. For me, it was nothing as trite as whether the furry creature did or did not see his shadow. Forget the promise of […]

Stop the Sport Snack Insanity

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The conversation between the softball coach and the parent went like this… Parent: Could I please have copies of the team roster and snack schedule? Coach: Here’s the roster. We don’t do snack. Parent: Oh, you didn’t print the snack schedule? Coach: No, we don’t do snack. Parent: No, I mean the snack, the snack […]

Humiliating Interview: Stay at Home Mom Applies for Job

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Dear Executive Recruiter at the Hospital Where I Applied for a Position: I know you mean well. Really, I do. I know that you probably have a protocol tucked away in some drawer that dictates how you proceed with the interview process. I also know that, based on those cute plastic frames on your desk […]

Dreams Denied: The Feeling I Ruined My Life by Having Kids

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  There is a water stain on the ceiling above my bed, created one night when the roof decided to leak. I stare at it often, early in the morning, when the only thing stirring is my mind. While the sun is rekindled from blackened ash, thoughts of escape creep into my head. It is […]

Time to Recognize the Extraordinary Efforts of Stepdads

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It’s amazing how two men can have a different outlook on their children. My ex-partner fathered two amazing boys. My current partner has been their dad for the last 7 years. I have two boys — Kasey is 9 and Michael is 11. The arrangement has always been that they have the option to go […]

Q: How Bad Do Mammograms Hurt? A: They Hurt like Hell

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I had my first mammogram yesterday. After it was done, I ran though a mental checklist of things that would have been much more pleasant — chewing glass, having a toe amputated, sticking a needle in my eye, eating goose poop. These came to me in a steady stream as I winced and said, “Ow. Ow. […]

How to Kill a Spider like a Mom with Mad Skills

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My sons are constantly after me to remove spiders from their room. My preferred method is to use a glass to scoop the spider up and release him back into the cruel outdoor world of “kill or be killed”. However, until recently, I have not had an effective way to get spiders off of the ceiling. […]