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Helplessness: Watching My Girls Caught in Storm on Chair Lift

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Everything was fine until Susan screamed. Lightning snapped overhead, overshadowed instantly by the crack of thunder. Ahead of me on a two-person chair lift, forty feet above the ground, my daughters cringed as the storm lashed around them. Six-year-old Susan’s wail of terror floated over the noise of the storm, enough to send a chill […]

Chris Hansen

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Chris Hansen is the correspondent for the Dateline NBC show, To Catch a Predator, which has become so popular it’s even spawned a number of parodies.  Now the author of a book on internet safety by the same name, he’s become the famous face of the fight against online child predators. Hansen recently spoke with […]

Cyber Warriors

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Like watching a presentation of what goes on in a slaughterhouse while eating a steak dinner, sometimes it’s better to live in ignorant bliss. After all, if we spent our entire day dwelling on all the cruelty and injustice in the world, most of us would wind up in the fetal position under the covers […]

The Predator’s Web

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Most parents certainly have an awareness of the threats of children being online, where they can easily fall victim of their own naiveté. We may even feel fully informed of the dangers that lurk within the bandwidth, as shows like “To Catch a Predator” gain popularity and stories of internet predators become common place within […]

Stick a Fork in It

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A Danish company has developed the EdisonSalvo socket, an electrical socket that will probably not fry children who stick forks in outlets. (It’s shock-resistant, not shock-proof!) I and my siblings had hours of fun sticking objects in sockets. It was the original thrill sport. Why deprive my children of that jolt of fun? I hate to thwart their sense […]

Handle With Care

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A few nights back Kim and I were scrambling to get dinner together before she had to dash off. Amidst the hubbub, she saw me loading up the griddle with buttered bread and hamburger slabs for our patty melts and warned, “Don’t let Luka grab for that griddle.” I was holding my six-month-old boyo in […]