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BlogHer ’07 – Beauty & Style Wrapup

My oldest daughter told me today, when I was doing her doll’s hair, in elaborate pin curls, that “Wow, Mom, you are quite a fashionista!” Where did she even hear that term? I thought to myself that my kid is a chip off the old block all right. She pretty much summed it up. I adore fashion and beauty. Can’t get enough of it. I read about it. I like to look at it, and hear about it. Somehow, my five-year-old can see that. Fun and high fashion is everywhere you look. So this past weekend I was looking around the writing conference I attended for style in all its fabulous forms. Finding some at BlogHer was easy. Here are my top beauty and style moments…

My dress — For The Imperfect Parent cocktail party I choose a fetching purple dress from Nordstrom.  I actually bought the same dress in black and was conflicted over which one to wear. Considering it’s the summer season, I chose to go with color. It was by Gibson, made out of viscose and a touch of spandex, but feels like soft t-shirty material. I thought it was very cute. 

The Amy Sedaris outfit — All right, I am completely enamored with this woman. She is hilaaaaaaarious. When I found out that she was going to be a speaker panelist at BlogHer, I was soooooo there. When I got there I found out that she was going to be on a panel about people that blog about Crafts. I thought that’s really not my thing, but I still was very excited to see her. My gosh, the woman was in a movie! Strangers With Candy, a movie about a character she created. Brillant. Funny. Bizarre. Completely unfiltered. When she showed up at the panel she was wheeling in a stylish suitcase that she could have slipped her tiny little body into. Dressed appropriately in a short sleeved black blouse, with tiny ruffles down the button front, with her trademark black glasses framing her face. Her skirt was that of a 1950s housewife. Full and feminine with lots of crazy embroideries and patterns. It’s similar to the skirts she wears in her book, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. Very cute. I even got lucky enough to ask her a question when she was up there with all the other craft-crazy bloggers. The question was, “Why cupcakes? What is it about cupcakes that inspires you to make them and sell them to people you know?” The only reason I asked this was to hear her go off about cupcakes for a bit. Plus I was a little tired of hearing other people talk about homemade macramé oven mitts. Seriously. I wanted to tell the other panelists…do you know how funny and famous this woman is?  “Good times!” She wrote that in the book I bought and had her sign. So fun.

The AOL Swag Laptop Bag — I love you AOL. I know people have mixed emotions on you, but considering that you were a corporate sponsor for BlogHer, I just love you. The fact that you had a video blogging booth at our conference was beyond nice. The fact that I could do a video blog and send it to my daughters was so they could see what their Mom was doing in Chicago meant a lot to me. So when you handed out to all the attendees the super swag laptop bag in sage green or navy, I was just happy. My old laptop bag is just not cool. It’s very basic black business traditional laptop bag. Boring. My new AOL bag is hip. Plus I had to score another one for my boyfriend, so I did lie and say I lost mine. I’m sorry. It was for a good cause though. His old man bag is atrocious. The new one is style personified. 

Sneaker Boy — Ah, sneaker boy. I met him at the cocktail party on the rooftop of Navy Pier. He was wearing some kind of high end Nike sneaks. I think they were gray. But how can you not love a guy that has a footwear obsession? He writes a blog called — check him out. The highlight of his shoes weren’t even the brown pair of Tod loafers that he wore when we went clubbing. The highlight was the white and red K-Swiss tennis shoes he wore the last day of the conference. Perfection. I need a pair.