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Cops: Teacher used classroom computer to access child porn

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Teacher accused of viewing child porn. Via Waukegan Police. Police have charged a Waukegan, Illinois teacher with possession of child pornography, saying that he accessed it on his classroom computer at Juarez Middle School. Police arrested Joshua Rich 53, of Libertyville, at the school on Tuesday, officials said. Superintendent Donaldo R. Batiste worked with police to “ensure that it was […]

Mother who stabbed 'possessed' daughter gets 25 years

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A mother from Waukegan, Illinois, has been given a 25 year prison sentence Thursday after being found guilty of stabbing her daughter to death because she believed her to be possessed. Nelly Vasquez-Salazar, 27, may also undergo mental health counseling which Circuit Judge John Phillips said was his “very strong recommendation,” according to the Daily […]

Missing teen found in teacher's closet

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A missing 17-year-old girl from Zion, Illinois was found by police hiding in the closet of a 24-year-old middle school teacher. Eric Wood, 24, who teaches at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Waukegan, Ill., was charged only with obstructing justice in the bizarre case surrounding the disappearance of the girl. The teen’s family filed a […]

Waukegan teacher charged with smoking pot in lounge

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If we had to teach high school in Waukegan, Illinois, we might have to take a few bong hits ourselves. A math teacher at Waukegan High School was arrested earlier this week on marijuana charges after she was caught smoking pot in a staff washroom. Police say Deborah Logan, 46 was smoking in a teacher’s […]

Waukegan mom charged with stabbing daughter claimed girl was possessed

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Nelly Vazquez-Salazar woman from Waukegan, Illinois charged with stabbing her 6-year-old daughter to death apparently told police that her daughter attacked her with a knife because she was “possessed”, and that it was self-defense. Vazquez-Salazar later recanted that story, but as to why she did something so horrendous to her child is still unclear. Christian […]

Waukegan 6-year-old stabbed to death, mother "person of interest"

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A 6-year-old was found stabbed to death in Waukegan, Illinois, a far northern suburb of Chicago. Police have brought in the mother for questioning as a “person of interest”, but the woman is not under arrest. Officers responding to a call about 4:40 a.m. in the 4200 block of Hickory Hills Drive found a woman […]

Family dog chews off infants genitals

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Okay…why in the world do people leave infants and dogs unsupervised????? This is so horrendous and awful. That poor little baby. WAUKEGAN, Ill. — Police are still looking into what exactly happened in a Waukegan apartment early Sunday morning when a dachshund chewed off the genitals of a 4-month-old boy. Fire and police personnel arrived […]