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Vitamin D may help with menstrual cramps

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Every 28 days or so, millions of women turn to painkillers like Advil and Midol to¬†ease¬†menstrual cramps. But, a new study suggests vitamin D may be an alternative solution. The Italian-based study found that a mega-dose of vitamin D showed a reduction in pain associated with menstrual cramps, especially among women who reported having the […]

Are your kids getting enough vitamin D?

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The American Academy of Pediatrics wants to make sure they are. The AAP has doubled their previously recommended minimum of daily vitamin D intake for babies through teens to 400 IUs. “We know that 400 international units a day is safe and it will prevent rickets,” Frank R. Greer, MD, chairman of the AAP’s committee […]

Even healthy kids may have vitamin D deficiency

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No wonder 12% of kids have a vitamin D deficiency — it’s getting harder and harder to get them to go outside. Unplug the Wii, people, and get those children into some sunlight! Uh, with the proper UV protection, of course… Otherwise healthy children have low levels of vitamin D and many have reduced bone […]