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Co-sleeping on trial

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Young parents whose first infant died while co-sleeping in their bed decided to test fate once again, and bring their second infant child into bed with them. The second time around didn’t prove to be any safer as the first however, as the tiny infant died of suffocation blamed on co-sleeping. Citing the parents should […]

Utah revokes license of teachers who molest children

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The only thing really noteworthy about this story is that it took an act of legislation to put this in place — really, shouldn’t the various school boards already be taking this sort of action? The [Utah] House Education Committee on Tuesday unanimously passed HB286, which would permanently revoke the license of any teacher who […]

5 year old found hitchhiking in Utah

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What appears to be an abduction of sorts, a 5 year old went missing and was seen hitchhiking. The little girl reportedly was given two rides while she was missing. Something tells me that more will come out about this story and it won’t be good. Police are still shaking their heads about an enterprising […]

Young teen charged with raping dog

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I can’t even comment on this, except to say, “Ewwwwwwwww.” To say this is disturbing is a monumental understatement. Is this child crazy or was he, himself, so abused that he took out his rage on something he can control? Either way, it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. Davis County, UTAH — A 14-year-old Utah boy […]

Nudie cell pics exchanged at school

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Schools should just ban cell phones in my opinion. We survived all the way through elementary, jr. high school, and college without cell phones and believe or not, we graduated and still had a social life. Police and school district officials are investigating several Farmington Junior High teenagers who traded nude photos of themselves over […]

A little boys miracle

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With all the bad news that Minor Topics reports on, it’s a breath of fresh air to read about a 5 year old boy that overcome the odds in a horrible accident: A 5-year-old Utah boy who sustained a life-threatening injury after a deer antler punctured his brain has made a miracle recovery, KTXV in […]