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Minnesota toddler on life support will likely die after extensive abuse

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3 yr. old boy on life support will likely die from alleged abuse at the hands of his mother and her boyfriendA 3 yr. old boy is not expected to survive after he was brought into a Minnesota hospital with severe injuries resulting from abuse by his mother, Elizabeth Moorman, 40, and her boyfriend, Anthony […]

NY Toddler in critical condition after suffering extensive abuse

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It’s likely that the 17 month old Bronx, NY toddler who is lying in Brookdale Hospital with life threatening injuries, has seen very little joy in his short life. Given the severity of his injuries, it is likely he has suffered immensely. Bookdale Doctors briefed detectives last night and early this morning about the baby’s […]

Boyfriend allegedly put toddler in pot of boiling water; toddler dies

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In another disgusting excuse for human life, a woman’s boyfriend, Carlnelus Delaney Simmons, age 37, reportedly took her 16 month old son, Jabraylon Bables, and dipped him into a pot of boiling water. According to The Dallas Morning News, the baby suffered for 36 days before succumbing to his grotesque and brutal injuries. He was […]

Babysitter accused of burning toddlers skin off

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Police believe that babysitter, Irene Martin, age 37 of Plainfield, Indiana, severely burned a 2 year old by holding him down in what they estimate to be 137 degree water, according to WTHR Indianapolis. The scalding hot water reportedly made the baby’s skin completely peel off all down his back and buttocks. Police also report […]

Florida father and girlfriend arrested for allegedly torturing toddler to death

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A young Florida couple is accused of repeated violence and torture against a 3 year old that left him dead. Allegations include droping the boy on the floor, breaking his arm, picking him up by the throat, punching him, biting him and pulling out his chair from under him. Let’s hope these people never see […]

Mother and accomplices arrested for duct-taping toddlers body and mouth

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A mother and her roommate and cousin have been arrested in allegations of disgusting abuse and torture against an innocent toddler who had his ankles bound by duct tape, his hands duct taped to his chest and his mouth duct taped closed. I’m speechless. Jessica Nicole McClure, 23, was arrested Sunday after police found her […]

Toddler brain dead after boyfriend drops her on concrete

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A mother’s boyfriend evidentally went crazy on a 2-year old toddler and tortured her to the point where she is now brain dead with skull fractures and various other assaults — all because she was crying. Family members claim that the boyfriend also hit the mother. Not sure what the mother expected from this dirt […]

Two year old tortured to death by parents

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If this doesn’t make your face hot and your blood boil and your stomach turn, not sure what will… COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — Parents facing murder charges in the June death of their 2-year-old son restrained the toddler with duct tape while he stood naked in the corner of the closet, court documents allege. An […]

Couple tortures toddler and blinds her with chemical burns – (Warning: Graphic text)

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WARNING! The abuse described below is extremely graphic and highly disturbing…The staff at Minor Topics is rendered speechless by this senseless act of violence and abuse against a baby. When donation information becomes available, we will be posting it promptly. The toddler’s injuries weren’t consistent with how the couple said the girl hurt herself, said […]