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Dog feces a hazard at Oregon school playgrounds

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Dog poop has become a major nuisance at some Portland, Ore. playgrounds, according to a KPTV report on Wednesday. Administrators and educators at Beach Elementary School in Portland say the problem of people using the school playground as a dog park is making it so that the children can no longer play at or enjoy […]

Chicago family sues school board over child's abduction, rape

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A Chicago family is suing the Chicago Board of Education for failing to keep their daughter safe and reporting a witnessed abduction. The victim was a student at Cook Elementary on Chicago’s south side back in May. The family filed their lawsuit this week. The lawsuit claims that their daughter was abducted by a stranger, […]

Daycare worker confesses to sexually abusing 23 children

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23-year-old Joshua Curtis Ritchie was arrested on August 21 after a 5-year-old boy told his parents that Ritchie had sexually abused him. After the arrest, Ritchie confessed to police that he had sexually abused 23 children ranging in age from 5-years-old to twelve-years-old. Ritchie’s employment gave him access to hundreds if not thousands of children.  He […]

NY teachers union supports disclosure of teacher evaluations

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State and city teachers unions are pushing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to allow parents to see the evaluations of teachers, it was reported on 11 June. The evaluations would be available by appointment made with the school principle and delivered verbally. The parents would also be barred from taking notes on the evaluations or […]

Update — Suspect identified in bombing of Italian school

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CNN reports this morning that surveillance video shows that the bombing that killed a 16-year-old girl on Saturday is the work of one man, though the possibility of an accomplice has not been ruled out. The Mayor of Brindisi, where the school is located, originally stated that he believed the bombing was a Mafia strike. The school is […]

Sixth graders made an amateur porn movie at school

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Four 6th grade students invovled in participating in and filming a pornographic movie in an empty classroom at their school, which was subsequently posted in the Internet, are receiving psychological counseling while the very concerned Education Department tries to determine whether or not to take any disciplinary action. In the video, three boys, presumably age […]

Autistic children more likely to be bullied and bully others in return

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A research study from Kennedy Krieger’s Interactive Autism Network has found that children with autism spectrum disorder are at a higher risk of becoming victims of bullying and that they may be more likely to act out in a way that leads to them being identified as bullies themselves. As many have witnessed in their […]

Former daycare teacher charged with molesting two girls

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Former daycare teacher Harold Meyers, 44, of 104   Waldorf Ave., Bridgeport, Connecticut, has been charged with two counts each of third-degree sexual assault and two counts of risk of injury arising from allegations he molested two girls at a daycare center where he worked about two years ago.  He was held overnight on $150,000 […]

Teen sex offender accused of raping classmate

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Should parents be informed of sex offenders attending their child’s school?19-year-old Jeremiah Christian Thompson was arraigned on Friday, charged with third-degree rape of a child, a Class C felony.  Thompson is a registered sex offender and was convicted of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and fourth-degree assault in February 2010.  He also accepted […]

Florida school bus attackers under house arrest, face expulsion

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A group of Florida students who allegedly beat a girl until she was unconscious have been placed under house arrest and may be expelled from school. The seven students, who range in age from 12 to 14, are from the Liberty Middle School in Ocala, Florida, and allegedly started the fight when the girl tried […]

Study reaffirms that a good breakfast leads to good grades

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Research has confirmed that children who have a healthy breakfast are more likely to perform better in school. The American Dietetic Association listed several behaviors and benefits of children who eat a healthy breakfast, including better concentration, better problem-solving skills, better hand-eye coordination, more alertness, more creativity, fewer missed school days, more physical activity and […]

Children who live with smokers miss more school

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A new study in the journal Pediatrics reports that children who are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke miss more school due to illness than those who live in households with non-smokers. Researchers found that children living with one or more smokers in the home missed an average of one to two more days of school per […]

Boy grows hair long for cancer victims, gets suspended

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School says first grader violated dress codesA Texas first grader has learned the hard way the saying “no good deed goes unpunished.” Gareth Shand, 6, had grown his hair out over the summer with plans on eventually cutting it and donating the hair to the charity Locks of Love, which uses the hair to make […]

Teen sexting ring busted in Vermont

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According to police, a group of nearly two dozen Vermont teenagers were involved in a sexting ring which circulated indecent photos and videos of female classmates. The Milton Independent, which first broke the story, reported that five boys admitted viewing nearly 40 images and three videos (many of which were sent by cell phone). Milton Police say two of the five […]

Parents protest new anti-homophobia policy

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Policy 5.45 has sparked significant backlash with a group known as Parents Voice. The policy is Burnaby School District’s new initiative to battle homophobia and protect staff and students from homophobic bullying and harassment. The parents group criticizes the policy for infringing on their right to educate their children according to their own morality, and […]

School house closed after Arizona shooting

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After a shooting in Yuma, Arizona, Thursday, local police officials shut down neighboring schools and the town’s courthouse. Police were first called to the initial scene this morning, finding the body of a Yuma woman. The woman appeared to have suffered a fatal gunshot wound. Subsequently, Yuma police responded to a call around 9:30 a.m. […]

Two schools in Des Plaines, Illinois locked down from gun scare

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Two Des Plaines schools were put on lockdown on Tuesday when a man allegedly brandished a BB gun during an argument with high school students, authorities said. The man (a Des Plaines resident) parked his car near Plainfield Elementary around 3 p.m., police said. An argument broke out between him and some high school students, apparently leading him to go […]

Mother threatens to "shoot up" Arlington Senior High

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A Minnesota woman has been charged with making terroristic threats because she allegedly threatened to “shoot up” a high school and kill a teacher for attempting to break up a fight involving her daughter. The complaint said 28 year old Christina Parks attacked the teacher as he was restraining her daughter, hitting him several times […]

Connecticut teen responds to bullying on YouTube

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A Connecticut teenager who is being bullied at school took to the popular video website YouTube to plead her case and ask for help. Alye Pollack, 13, remains silent in the video, using a series of cards to relay her heart wrenching message. “Hi, my name is Alye… I am bullied. Not a day has […]

Florida school backs off peanut allergy procedures after protests

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A school in Edgewater, Florida, is easing some of the measures put in place to reduce the risk from one student’s peanut allergy after parents took to the picket line in protest. Parents at the Edgewater Elementary Public School adamantly complained at what they thought were extreme steps the school was taking just to protect […]

Mom arrested for truant daughter

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A Florida woman has been arrested because her daughter has skipped school too many times. The unidentified woman was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor after her ninth-grade daughter had 59 unexcused absences. Alachua County’s school attendance review board then filed a petition. Alachua County Sheriff’s spokesman Art Forgey says it’s the […]

4-year-old shows up at school drunk

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A 4-year-old girl in The Village, Oklahoma (real creative with the name, there, townsfolk) was taken to the hospital after teachers thought she was acting intoxicated and smelled alcohol on her. Once the child is released from the hospital she will be put into custody of the Department of Human Services. No word on charges […]

First grader brings loaded gun and knife to school

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We remember one time when our oldest son was in preschool, we received a note home from the teacher saying, “Please don’t send money to school with the children, it can get lost and the coins pose a choking hazard for the younger kids.” Turns out he had picked up change lying around the house […]

Teacher wants right to pack heat at school

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What the hell? Is this really the road we’re going down in this country? First, a Michigan legislator wants to issue teachers conceal and carry permits, now a teacher in Oregon who already has a permit has gone to court for her right to bring her gun into the classroom: The standoff between the teacher […]