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Caught: Teens who allegedly threw cinder blocks onto cars from overpass

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Two Creswell, Oregon, teenage boys, ages 16 and 17, were caught on Monday after they allegedly threw cinder blocks over an overpass this weekend, according to a Fox 12 News report on Tuesday. The incident happened around 4:30 AM on Sunday morning. One vehicle was struck with the cinder block while driving along I-5. One […]

Drunk teen gets stuck in high chair

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A 19-year-old South East England, teen’s prank went horribly wrong when the inebriated female climbed into a baby high chair and got herself stuck. Amber Jackson said she was forced to call the fire department after efforts to get out of the high chair failed. Jackson said she crawled into the highchair so that her […]

'Fall and I'll catch you' goes horribly wrong (video)

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Was it the fault of the teacher or the student? A case of over-confidence, too much trust or brain damage? Lots of questions, but few answers. Whatever the reason, the result is hilarious and makes us thankful for You Tube. Kids are funny because kids do dumb things. (How pummeled do you think Lauren got […]

Mom punks 8-year-old son

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An Oregon mother pulled a stunt on her 8-year-old son, landing both of them on several morning talk shows after criticism erupted over the ethics of such a prank. The mom told her son that he accidentally purchased a $50,000 Mustang vehicle on ebay, causing the child much anxiety. The mother filmed the prank and posted it […]

Teary eyed apologies from Australian DJs over Kate Middleton nurse tragedy

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The Australian DJs who successfully pulled off a viral prank last week after they called the King Edward VII hospital in London to inquire about Kate Middleton’s condition,voluntarily appeared on A Current Affair today to discuss the tragedy that proceeded after their stunt. The DJ duo seemed to be genuine in their show of sorrow and […]

Kate Middleton's nurse allegedly commits suicide

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A nurse who was involved in Kate Middleton’s prenatal care, reportedly committed suicide after becoming the victim of a radio show prank involving two shock jock radio DJs in Australia and the Duchess of Cambridge. Jacintha Saldanha, 43, was reportedly found dead Friday morning, within walking distance from the King Edward VII Hospital where Kate Middleton was admitted […]

Boy in ballon found safe; never inside balloon

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Was it a hoax the whole time? So, will there be a butt slapping or celebration or both? “He’s been there the whole time,” said a sheriff’s department official.”He was hiding in a cardboard box in the attaic above the garage.” The official said his parents were beisde themself during the search and believed the […]