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Arguments heard today to release previously sealed Anthony jailhouse video

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Public will see her reaction to the news of Caylee being located.The jailhouse video of Casey Anthony getting the news her daughter’s remains had been located – may be made available to the public – and will be decided by a Florida judge today. Orange County Superior Court Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr., who presided […]

Judge: Casey Anthony should pay $97k for investigation costs

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While Casey Anthony may have avoided a murder conviction, her lying to police is going to cost her a pretty penny. Judge Belvin Perry ruled on Thursday that Anthony should pay back tens of thousands of dollars to various law enforcement agencies to compensate them for the time and costs spent searching for her daughter, […]

Universal's Harry Potter roller coaster gets fixed after rider loses eye

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Several injuries allegedly caused by Harry Potter roller coaster prompt quick fixesPatrons of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida hoping to ride the Harry Potter coaster will have a different experience from prior riders, according to Universal officials. The ride, which is famous for it’s two separate passenger coasters which run simultaneously, appear to crash into […]

Adopted 13 year old Florida girl confesses to poisoning family

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A 13 year old girl from Mexico, who was abandoned by her biological mother when she was around 8 years old, was adopted by a family in Orlando, Florida Family who she has been allegedly been trying to poison. The 7th grader, Michel Pollard, has confessed to trying to poison everyone in the family (except […]

Home invaders threaten infant with gun

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Times are tight, but there certainly have to be better options than breaking into a home and holding a gun to a baby’s head. The victims said three men wearing masks and carrying guns burst into their home in the 16900 block of Bay Avenue in Montverde at 12:33 a.m., Lake County Sheriff’s Office records […]

Casey Anthony may face murder charges next week

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Awww, looks like Casey Anthony is screwed. A Grand Jury is convening next week which may bring down charges of murder or manslaughter. Perhaps little Caylee Anthony may see some justice served yet. ORLANDO, FLA. — Casey Anthony could soon face a homicide charge in connection with the disappearance of her daughter, according to broadcast […]

Girl who died in school bus crash identified

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The 13-year-old girl who died in a horrific school bus crash in Orlando, Florida has been identified as Frances Margay Schee. The truck driver that has been accused of slamming into a school bus and killing a thirteen year old girl has had 15 moving violations since May 2005. Reinaldo Gonzalez of Orlando is being […]

"Armed" 11 year old robs Walgreen's

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Well, this kid has a bright future ahead of him. An 11-year-old in Orlando, Florida is being accused of holding up a local Walgreen’s using a pair of realistic looking BB guns. We guess that’s the silver lining, that he wasn’t able to get his hands on actual guns. The incident started around 3:30am Monday […]

Father crashes car into fire station

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Well, if you must crash your car into a building, we guess one that has paramedics inside is the best option. A baby is safe after his father crashed the family car into a central Florida fire station. Fire rescue spokesman John Mulhall says the car crossed the front lawn early Wednesday morning and drove […]

Mother charged after toddler shoots himself

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We tend to agree that if you leave a loaded handgun where a young child can get it, that certainly constitutes “child neglect”. [Tracey] DeCarr said she kept the handgun in her nightstand to protect herself and her son. “He goes through my stuff all the time in the morning, like a normal child, and […]

Woman has "line rage" at Disney World

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We hate lines. Seriously hate them. We will avoid them at all costs, even going so far as to take days off work to head to popular attractions and avoid the crowds. Rainy day at the zoo! Love it, no lines! So we sympathize with Victoria Walker, who also apparently hates waiting in line. But […]

Student pees in lunch box, hands it to teacher

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A boy at the Meadowbrook Middle School in Orlando, Florida hid behind a bookcase in his classroom, urinated into his teacher’s lunch box, closed it, and gave it back to her. School officials think that perhaps the boy took the teacher’s joke to its literal conclusion. We don’t think that teacher will be too quick […]

Florida mom uses car power washer on toddler

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Now, our kids can get just as unruly as the next, and we’ll admit we’ve daydreamed about some creative punishments for the little buggers — locking them in the garage, throwing them in an alligator pit, running them through the car wash… the difference is that these are fantasy stress relievers, we don’t actually do […]

Granny beats grandson unconscious

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Delores Henderson, a 55-year-old woman in Cocoa, Florida near Orlando, has been arrested for repeatedly hitting her 2-year-old grandson and slamming his stroller into the curb as they walked down the street: “People driving in the area of Dixon at this boulevard were witnessing this woman hitting this child,” Barbara Matthews with Cocoa police said. […]

Florida man flees car crash, leaves kid inside

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Congratulations, Larry Patterson of Orlando, Florida, you’re our Douche of the Day™! You would not be douche award worthy if you were only driving around with your kid in a stolen vehicle. No, you excelled by then getting into a high speed chase with police, crashing the car, then running off leaving your baby in […]

Severely tortured toddlers mom and her boyfriend arrested

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A 17 month old boy who had cooking oil, heated in a frying pan, poured on his genitals as well as beaten to the point of sustaining spinal injuries is recovering, but the extent of his injuries and whether or not he’ll be able to walk again have not yet been reported. Perhaps the boyfriend […]

Disney ride ends with a dead man on board

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See. This is why I don’t ride roller coasters… ORLANDO Fla.-Around 1 PM Tuesday the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to 3281 Sherberth Road in reference to a man who died after riding the Mt. Everest Rollercoaster at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Jeffery Reed, 44, of Navarre, Florida appeared to be unconscious and unresponsive […]

Gun toting Grandma arrested at Disney World

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Mickey Mouse…Goofy…Donald Duck…semi-automatic hand guns. It’s all good… LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) — A 63 year old woman from Pennsylvania was arrested on Sunday after attempting to enter Walt Disney World with a loaded handgun. Walt Disney World security personnel discovered a silver color, Beretta .32 caliber semi-automatic handgun during a […]