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Caught: Teens who allegedly threw cinder blocks onto cars from overpass

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Two Creswell, Oregon, teenage boys, ages 16 and 17, were caught on Monday after they allegedly threw cinder blocks over an overpass this weekend, according to a Fox 12 News report on Tuesday. The incident happened around 4:30 AM on Sunday morning. One vehicle was struck with the cinder block while driving along I-5. One […]

Father's girlfriend charged in connection with10-year-old daughter's death

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An Oregon woman has been arrested after police believe her longtime boyfriend’s daughter, 10-year-old Miranda Crockett, died suspiciously in her care. Chandra Rose has been charged with two felony counts of criminal mistreatment and reckless endangerment misdemeanors. Police have not yet charged Rose with murder and have not stated whether she is being investigated for murder until […]

City shuts down fundraiser yard sale for cancer victim

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Salem, Oregon, officials say ‘rules are rules’A woman in Salem, Oregon, who was trying to pay some of her medical bills with a yard sale has been told by officials she is in violation of a city ordinance and needs to stop. Jan Cline suffers from bone marrow cancer, which she says has made her […]

Having health insurance might make people inherently healthier

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A study released on Thursday shows that Medicaid has an enormous impact on health, happiness, and general well-being. The study was conducted by a group of researchers from MIT, Harvard, and the state of Oregon on the impact of randomly giving Medicaid insurance to poor Oregonians in 2008.  A lottery was used to select low-income Oregonians to apply for […]

Mother tries to circumcise 3 month old baby

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A 3 month old infant is now in the hospital, in critical condition after his mother tried to circumcise him at home. This is a medical procedure which is typically done a day or two after birth by a skilled surgeon, in a hospital setting was performed by the mother who allegedly mutilated the baby. […]

Kyron Horman's father files for divorce

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Kaine Horman, the father of the missing Portland, Oregon, boy Kyron Horman, has filed for divorce from the boy’s stepmother, Terri Horman, who claims she saw Kyron at his school before he disappeared on June 4. Kaine has also filed for a restraining order against Terri. “It’s a personal matter between family members and we […]

Woman kills pregnant woman and takes her baby; baby later dies

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An Oregon woman is suspected of killing a young pregnant woman and stuffing her in her home’s crawl space. While it’s unclear how the baby was delivered, the accused killer, Korena Roberts, was trying to pass off the baby as her own after telling neighbors she, herself, was pregnant when she wasn’t. “Doctors at the […]

Man shoots his 2 young children and self

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A father took his two young children, ages 7 and 6 on a “hiking trip” and shot them by rapid fire, killing both and then turning the gun on himself because he was sad. Our country REALLY needs to stop coddling these jerk parents who are “depressed”. This excuse needs to stop. These child murderers […]

Boy's essay gets father thrown in jail

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Another good reason for parents to review their kid’s homework. A father allegedly shot his 9-year-old son in the buttocks with a BB gun, a revelation that came to light after the boy wrote a school essay about the incident. The boy had written an essay about the “painful afternoon my Dad shot me with […]

Kids left alone after apparent murder-suicide

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Four Oregon children were left by themselves for days, after their parents died in what police think was a murder-suicide. Investigators believe the couple, Hannah Crowe and Julian Wallulatum, had been dead for days before three of the children knocked on a neighbor’s door and asked for help. The oldest one, who’s eight, said he […]

Couple accused of beating 9 children with spoons, pipes and boards

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Here’s a thought, if you hate children so much perhaps you should refrain from having 9 of them. The home of an Oregon couple charged with abusing nine of their children looked like something out of a horror movie, the prosecution said during opening statements of the trial. Marion County prosecutor Sarah Morris told jurors […]

Oregon mother who shot kids denied parole

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Diane Downs, the Oregon woman who rose to infamy in 1983 after shooting her three children, has had her parole request denied. Good. One of the most famous child killers in American history, Downs cried several times — burning through a stack of Kleenex — as she answered questions via closed-circuit television from the Valley […]

Missing child found — under the floor

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A 1-year-old girl in Woodburn, Oregon started a frantic search after going missing at her grandparents’ house, and was found a couple hours later in an unusual spot. The girl’s uncle, Tim Higgins, said the family feared the worst. “We were like, ‘She couldn’t have went anywhere. She can’t walk,’ ” he said. “‘She’s gotta […]

Boy hit in throat during recess dies

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A 5th grader who was hit in the throat with a football during recess later died from his injury. “They were just playing football — it was caught in the wrong spot and his friend went down,” said Benjamin Crofut, a parent volunteering at the school Tuesday afternoon. A teacher on the field used a […]

Infant OK after rare botulism

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A baby in Portland, Oregon is on the mend after contracting a rare case of botulism. Botulism affects about 100 babies in the U.S. each year by paralyzing their muscles and respiratory systems. It is not usually fatal. The infant’s mother, Jennifer Perez, says she noticed her daughter, Aracelis Mora, had gone limp a day […]

Plane crashes into house, kills 3 kids inside

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In a freak accident in Oregon, a small airplane crashed into a vacation home killing 3 children inside. A small plane crashed into a vacation home on the Oregon coast on Monday, killing three children inside and two adults on board, officials said. Authorities had been searching for a third child in the smoldering wreckage […]

Search continues for missing autistic boy

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Police continue to search for an 11-year-old Portland boy with autism who became lost near Mount Saint Helens. The boy, Alex Irvin of Portland, and his father, Bruce, were hiking on the Siouxon (soo-shahn) trail near Amboy when they decided to split up and meet at Siouxon Falls. But Alex never showed up, and at […]

"Mean Girls" invade elementary school

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Apparently kids don’t have to wait until high school to be tormented by cliques anymore. It’s now trickled down to the second grade. “They started taunting and teasing her,” said Allie’s mom, Trudy Ludwig. “She was on this play structure and they blocked all of the exits and wouldn’t let her off. They started moving […]

11-year-old Portland boy drowns

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Police have identified a boy who drowned in the Clackamas River in Oregon as 11-year-old Finn Terry of Portland. Terry was on a canoe trip with his Boy Scout troop. Sheriff’s spokesman Detective Jim Strovink says the canoe carrying a man and the boy overturned in the Clackamas River near Gladstone. Both were wearing flotation […]

Parents don't want girl playing on boys basketball team

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A girl trying to make her way onto a boys sports team is the stuff of after school specials and Lifetime movies. But usually the girl isn’t wanted because she’s viewed as a weak link on the team. But for Jaime Nared, a 6 foot tall 12-year-old in Oregon, it would appear that the parents […]

Girls missing during hike found safe

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Finally some good news to report around here. Two sisters who were separated from their father while hiking in the Yacolt Burn State Forest outside of Portland, Oregon, have been found after spending more than 15 hours out in the wild. Rescuers used heat-seeking technology to search for the Vancouver, Wash., family late Sunday. They […]

Teens in Oregon find giant South American rodent

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Apparently someone in Milwaukie, Oregon has a penchant for exotic pets. Think of the ecosystem balance, people! At first, 17-year-old Nicco Phillips thought the animal sitting in the middle of the street was a baby deer. Then he noticed it had a kangaroo-like head. “I thought, what the heck is it?” Phillips said. His girlfriend […]

Transsexual woman claims to be pregnant

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A transsexual woman in Oregon who has undergone testosterone therapy, reconstructive surgery, and lives as a man is now claiming to be 5 months pregnant. Oregon resident Thomas Beatie told “The Advocate” magazine that carrying a daughter for her wife Nancy is an “incredible” experience. The article carried a photo showing Beatie with an enlarged […]

Craigslist baby a hoax

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Looks like Birdie Avery pissed off a few delinquents in her life or Lebanon Oregon is a cr@phole or insanely boring… LEBANON, Ore. — A Lebanon couple said Tuesday they were the victims of a sick joke after someone used their name to list a baby for sale. An ad on Craigslist.org said the baby’s […]

3rd grader arrested for false school shooting report

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When our kid was in third grade, he barely knew how to make a phone call much less prank 911 to report a school shooting. So we find this story of a 10-year-old in Salem, Oregon who made such a call a bit troubling: The Willamette Valley Communications Center received a call at approximately 2:30 […]