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Toddler falls, saved by tires

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Normally we wouldn’t want janky old tires piled next to our apartment building, but there’s one mom today that’s glad they were there. An Ohio toddler who fell 30 feet from a window is recovering thanks to a stack of tires that softened his fall. Twenty-month-old Jaelin Lewis bounced through the screen of an open […]

Mother of "Baby Grace" gives birth in prison

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Kimberly Trenor, the woman who beat her daughter Riley — known as “Baby Grace” — to death has given birth to a son while behind bars. The court is now trying to decide who gets custody of the child. Amazingly, the father of the boy, Royce Clyde Zeigler — also indicted in Riley’s murder, is […]

Toddler escapes day care, crosses busy street

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We have a feeling business might take a downturn at this particular day care. A child care center said it has made changes after a toddler wandered out of the building and crossed a downtown street late last month. The 2-year-old boy walked past two receptionists at the Columbus State Childcare facility, located on Spring […]

Mom who kept son in cage gets 20 years

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A woman who kept her 17-year-old adopted son in a cage, while also causing him to become seriously malnourished, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Not enough, in our opinion. Brenda Sullivan pleaded guilty in January to three counts of aggravated child abuse. Prosecutors agreed to drop lesser child neglect charges. The teen […]

Ohio woman with baby stuck in birth canal wins $20 million

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A jury has awarded a woman in Ohio $20 million after they found doctors negligent in leaving her baby stuck in her birth canal for over 13 hours. [Heather] Grow’s attorneys argued during a medical malpractice trial that the baby suffered brain injuries. Doctors had told Grow months earlier that she had a narrow pelvic […]

Students on trip duct taped in room

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Parents of a group of Ohio high school kids were a bit peeved when they found out that the chaperones had used duct tape to seal the kids in their hotel rooms. It was an action apparently given the thumbs up by the school board. At a heated meeting Monday, Michelle Mata told the Lake […]

Teen thwarts intruders with text message

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We know we’re going to sound old, but we just have to say that we get annoyed with the teens today always texting, texting, texting. Not to mention how just the noun-turned-verb word “texting” is an assault on the English language. But when we read this story about how a teen’s texting skills caught some […]

Mom leaves baby alone on floor in locked apartment

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Sheesh, leaving your 1 year old home alone is bad enough when they’re in a crib, but to leave them on the floor?? And even worse, the cops couldn’t even track down the mother for 7 hours. How long was she going to leave the baby there? Oh, and this is shocking, mom was also […]

Kindergartner with mohawk suspended

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Oh, for crying out loud, with all the problems occurring in our nation’s public school system, should administrators really be making a priority how a mom cuts her kid’s hair? Really, who gives a shit? A kindergarten student with a freshly spiked Mohawk has been suspended from school. Michelle Barile, the mother of 6-year-old Bryan […]

10-year-old causes $500000 in fire damage

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It’s not the terrorists we have to worry about, it’s little boys playing with matches. First one boy starts a massive California wildfire, now another in Lawrenceburg, Ohio, took out half a block playing with a lighter, paper, and styrofoam, causing a half million dollars in damage. At least eight people are homeless and one […]

High school boys accused of sexually assaulting freshman basketball player

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Two high school freshman basketball players face charges of sexually assaulting another freshman basketball player. It is unknown if this was a hazing incident or pure sociopathy, either way, it’s disturbing to say the least. MIAMI TWP. – Three members of the freshman boys basketball team at Milford High School are expected to be charged […]

Teacher shot by husband at Portsmouth, Ohio school

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Michael Layne marched into Notre Dame Elementary in Portsmouth, Ohio, where his wife, Christy Layne, teaches, and shot her right in front of her class. Mr. Layne then fled the school, and SWAT teams have surrounded a house where they believe he’s barricaded himself. And if that wasn’t crazy enough, Layne stabbed his girlfriend earlier […]

Hey Mom! My head is stuck in the washer!

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A 4 year old boy found himself in a very precarious situation when he went and got his little head stuck in the washer machine. His mother, who couldn’t pry the youngster’s head out, finally called the fire department who dismantled the machine and released the 4 year old boy to his crazy antics. Their […]

Father stabs wife, 4 children and himself

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What a surprise, and the father is the only survivor with what may be self inflicted stab wounds, when he killed his four small children by stabbing them and his wife. How conveeeenient that he would come out the only survivor, unless his wife was acting in self defense, but my guess is the wounds […]

Mom and 4 children killed by drunk driver

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Life can be so cruel, so unfair…in a blink of a moment, a mother and her 4 children, ranging from newborn to elementary age, were killed by a drunk driver. Bethany Griffin, 36, Jordan Griffin, 10, and Verde Griffin, 6 months, all of Parkville, Md., were killed along with Lacie Burkman, 7, and Haley Burkman, […]

Mother of "Baby Grace" and boyfriend indicted on murder

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I hope these monsters get punished to the fullest extent of the law. Rot in prison you SOB’s. I hope the jury is does not allow this toddler to die in vain and go the route of Andrea Yates on the mother, declaring her the real victim. I will have to puke if that happens. […]

"Baby Grace" mother is pregnant

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The tormented abuse that lead to Riley Ann Sawyers death just keeps getting more unbelievable. It has now been revealed that the mother, Kimberly Trenor is pregnant! Davis also said his client’s wife is pregnant and being housed in the medical wing of the Galveston County Jail. Trenor is being kept in the medical wing […]

Pregnant woman tased

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Does this mean maternity t-shirts with the now infamous catch phrase, “Don’t tase me embryo” will be available internet-wide, just in time for Christmas? Surveillance video from the police department shows the woman try to leave with the child. The officer then grabs her coat in an effort to get her to stop. Etter said […]

Parents of "baby Grace" paint a gruesome picture of her last days

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Admitting that they tortured poor Riley, parents ‘fess up to how they tortured her and how Riley finally gave up and decided to die rather than be hurt any longer. Let’s hope that the parents are given the same treatment in prison, for the rest of their unworthy lives. Authorities are trying to determine if […]

Arrest made in "Baby Grace" case

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Authorities feel that they have identified “Baby Grace” as Riley Ann Sawyers of Ohio, even before the DNA tests have come back… GALVESTON, Texas — An Ohio family that called Texas investigators over concerns that “Baby Grace” might have been their young relative received a personal visit confirming that police believe their fears were true. […]

Mother pulls an Andrea Yates on her two young daughters

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It is seriously time to send a message to psycho-bitches that are hell-bent on torturing and killing their children simply because life is poo poo. Put these bitches away for life. If they are as sick as many claim them to be, they won’t know the difference anyway. Cintron told police he went to the […]

10 year old boy charged with deadly arson

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What a horrible waste. Is a 10 year old boy even capable of understanding the enormity of the situation? Why would he do such a thing? How could nobody see thing coming? Should a 10 year old boy be locked away fro 10+ years for something he might not have fully understood? Timothy Douglas Byers […]