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Minnesota toddler on life support will likely die after extensive abuse

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3 yr. old boy on life support will likely die from alleged abuse at the hands of his mother and her boyfriendA 3 yr. old boy is not expected to survive after he was brought into a Minnesota hospital with severe injuries resulting from abuse by his mother, Elizabeth Moorman, 40, and her boyfriend, Anthony […]

3 month old infant clinging to life after alleged abuse

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A 3 month old baby suffered injuries which put her on life support after alleged horrific abuse and torture at the hands of her own parents. Father said he would drop baby on the floor for his own “entertainment”. A police report said the infant daughter of Jacob Nichols, 20, and Ashley Gibson, 19, was […]

How can so many tragedies happen to one family?

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It’s unbelievable, it’s tragic and it’s heartbreaking… Two children of a Fort Bliss soldier flown back from Iraq with combat injuries are dead and a third is on life support after a car accident on the way to visit their father in the hospital, Army officials said. Army Spc. John Austin Johnson was waiting for […]