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Gay high school couple named "cutest couple" in contest

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A New York high school couple have been named “cutest couple” by their classmates, which have left the pair feeling overwhelmed according to a Tuesday report via the Houston Chronicle. Brad Taylor, 17, and Dylan Meehan, 18, called the experience “surreal”. They said they weren’t surprised by the votes because their classmates have been highly […]

Republican Sen. Rob Portman speaks out about gay son, gay marriage

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U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R) penned an editorial on Friday in The Columbus Dispatch¬†which reveals his change of heart on gay marriage, which he now supports. Portman admits that his position on gay marriage changed upon finding out that his young adult son was gay after he came out to he and his wife, Jane […]

Transgender children welcomed by the Girl Scouts of America

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Children rejecting the sex they were born with is becoming a source of advocacy among mental health professionalsThe Girl Scouts of America has released a statement that welcomes boys into the organization as a growing number of transgender boys have shown an interest in joining. The statement comes after a 7 year old Colorado boy, […]

Illinois college adds sexual preference to application

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Admissions question: Are you part of the LGBT community?A liberal arts college in a quiet, affluent suburb of Chicago, IL is the first college in the country to ask your sexual orientation on its admission application. The school is affiliated with The United Church of Christ which has a dedicated LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and […]