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Pregnant woman dies after doctor removes wrong organ

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A pregnant woman in London, England, died after an acute appendicitis episode landed her in the ER where a doctor removed her ovary instead of her appendix. The Shropshire Star reported on Monday that the mother three, Maria De Jesus, 32, initially went to the hospital last October complaining of extreme stomach pains. At that […]

Royal Baby Finally Arrives!

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The world’s newest little bundle of joy has arrived! The Royal baby has finally arrived! After hours of labor, Kate Middleton gave birth to an 8 pound and 6 ounce little boy! A new little prince! Sources say that Prince William was present for the birth of his son. The baby’s name has not been released, […]

Court to decide homicide charges in stillborn baby case

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A 29-year-old woman in Lamar County, Mississippi, who gave birth to a stillborn baby at 31 weeks gestation, after alleged substance abuse in 2009, is at the forefront of a legal battle on Friday which could lead to a final determination on the legality of homicide against pregnant women who cause death in utero because […]

January Jones addresses placenta fallout

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January Jones, 35, one of the stars of AMC’s “Mad Men”, addressed rumors and criticism over her admission last year that she ate her placenta after her son, Xander, was born in Sept. 2011. In the latest issue of Glamour U.K., Jones says that the controversy got out of control. Jones said that she regrets […]

What did Shakira name her baby boy?

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Shakira, 35, and her husband soccer player, Gerard Pique, 25, announced the arrival of their baby boy born mid-evening on Tuesday. The labor and delivery came two days after her due date. Shakira first tweeted her pending labor, perhaps on the way to the hospital, earlier on Tuesday, writing, “I’d like to ask you all […]

19 baby boys delivered consecutively at University of Minnesota

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And it’s a…..boy! And another boy, and another boy and another boy and so on and so on and so on. For the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, Minnesota, the “congratulations, it’s a boy!” announcement could have been played on continual loop over the Thanksgiving weekend. The law of averages was so unusual, it […]

Labor lasts longer for today's moms

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In a society where everything seems to always be going faster and faster, one thing is not, much to the dismay of expectant mothers. According to a recent study to be published in the next issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, women are in labor about 2.6 hours longer than their counterparts […]

UK mother gives birth to triplets, unexpectedly dies days later

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Mother collapses and dies from unknown heart condition a week after she gives birth to tripletsA 34-year-old woman in southeast England died shortly after giving birth to three healthy infants. The unexpected death came just eight days after the successful birth of her triplets, Mattias, Lukas and Sarah earlier this month. Doctors say the baby’s […]

Connecticut mom told maternity leave viewed as resignation

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Company denied FMLA leave because employee had not been with company for full year.When Amy Zvovushe took a new job with Ryan Partnership, she never imagined that when she became pregnant and informed her Human Resources department of her condition she’d be told she wouldn’t have a job waiting for her when she came back to work […]

Immigrant woman shackled while in labor wins $200,000 lawsuit

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On Thurday a jury awarded Juana Villegas, an illegal immigrant, $200,000 in her civil case against the joint government of Nashville and Davidson County. Her suit alleged that county sheriff’s deputies violated her rights when they shackled her through the end of her pregnancy, while in labor and even during her recovery after giving birth. Her attorney, Elliott Ozment, intends to ask […]

Grandparents go back to school to learn new rules for child care

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Many hospitals now offer grandparenting classes, which cover everything from modern childbirth trends to current standards in infant care. The classes generally run about two hours and serve first as an orientation to the hospital (where to park, where to get coffee, etc.), but also teach some of the finer points of grandparenting, like when […]