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Parents give candy to 'sweeten up' relations with plane passengers

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  The parents of twin 14-week-old boys were as accommodating as they could be to fellow passengers on a recent flight. As anyone with a three-month-old baby knows, they can be unpredictable – and loud.  The parents preemptively gave the other passengers a goody bag filled with candy and a note explaining their situation and […]

Antibiotics in infancy may increase risk of childhood obesity

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A new study published in the International Journal of Obesity shows that children who received antibiotics in the first 5 months of life were 22% more likely to be obese at the age of 3. This effect was not seen in children who were received antibiotics between the ages of 6 and 14 months. The children’s weights […]

Infants are born with an 'innate knowledge' of the world

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A long period of scientific tests has produced evidence of a fact that has immense metaphysical significance. After successive tests, and reviews of related scientific literature from the past 30 years, Kristy vanMarle,  an assistant professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences in the College of Arts and Science, University of Missouri,  arrived at a […]

Newborn survival rate in U.S. ranks surprisingly low

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A 20 year analysis of newborn death rates around the world published in PLoS Medicine showed that the number of newborn deaths in the United States ranked 41 out of 45 among industrialized countries, equal with Qatar and Croatia. The World Health Organization and Save the Children conducted the study, which also showed that the number of infants who […]

Victoria releases gorgeous new pictures of Harper Seven!

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She’s cuddling up with daddy David in the snap.Victoria has tweeted a new picture of the newest celebrity newborn, and it’s absolutely adorable! Born almost a month ago, Harper is already showing off her good looks, and adorable fashion sense! She’s certainly got her Daddy’s eyes… Victoria tweeted the image along with the message; “I […]

Maternity leave important to well-being of mother and cognitive development of child

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A new demographic analysis from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has revealed that working doesn’t lower the quality of parenting or even worsen parental stress, as long as the right amount of leave is taken at birth. Researchers Pinka Chatterji, Sara Markowitz and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn used data from the National Institute of Child Health And Human Development’s […]

Parents pay thousands to turn infant girls into boys

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Hundreds of Indian girls are having sex change operations, some as young as one year old.A shocking new trend has been revealed – Indian parents are paying thousands of dollars to change baby girls into much longed for baby boys. The procedure, called genitoplasty, is usually used to correct genital abnormalities in grown adults. The […]

When do babies sleep through the night?

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According to a new study coming out in Pediatrics, babies tend to sleep through the night or at least adapt to similar sleep schedules as their parents at around 3 months of age. Most 3 month olds, based on sleep journals kept by parents of newborns during a study in New Zealand, can sleep from […]

Cold medicine for kids under 2 a no-no

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The cold medication you have that says it’s good for kids under 2? Kiss it goodbye and buy some extra bulb syringes — the makers of popular cold remedy brands such as Dimetapp and Little Colds are voluntarily pulling all cold medications listed for children younger than 2 years old, in advance of an FHA […]

Mom's state of mind transferred to infants

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In summary, if you’re a neurotic mother, then your infant will sense that and be all cranky and neurotic themselves. Hope that clears everything up… TORONTO, Sept. 19 (UPI) — A Canadian study suggested an association between a history of depression in the mothers and increased stress reactivity of their infants. The study, published in […]