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Tragic teen hockey injuries may lead to changes in sport

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In the past month, there have been two tragic spine injuries in Minnesota high school hockey games. Now, parents, officials, and fans are debating over how the rough sport can be made more safe. High school sophomore Jack Jablonski‚Äôs spine was severely damaged at the neck on Dec. 30 when he was checked twice from […]

Massive hockey brawl between 9-year-olds

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Fighting is as much a part of hockey as the ice. Apparently in Kazakhstan, they instill this into the players early in life — watch what happens between this group of 9-year-olds when one team decides to talk smack to the other after the game:

Boy may lose $50k hockey shot prize over twin switch

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Father just ‘had to do the right thing’The $50,000 prize a Minnesota boy won after making an astonishing hockey shot may be forfeited after the boy’s father admitted it was really his son’s twin brother that was supposed to take the shot. Pat Smith came forward the next day after the charity hockey event, and […]