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Toddler abducted from Wash. park, you won’t believe why

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Witnesses screamed and panicked as they watched a frightened, crying toddler boy be taken by two masked men in a Sequim, Wash. park on Saturday, according to the Peninsula Daily News. The men were seen pulling up in a minivan, one wearing a black knit mask and the other wearing a blue knit mask with […]

Mother who disappeared with young daughter faked abduction

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A Missouri mother who supposedly went missing on Thursday with her 4-year-old daughter, Zoee Sandner, were found by police and now detectives are calling the whole thing a hoax. When Rachel Koechner, 28, went missing, her boyfriend and her mother contacted authorities. They were worried the mother and daughter had been abducted by the youngster’s […]

Girl Scouts left holding bag in $24,000 order hoax

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A Girl Scout group in Portland, Ore., were the victims of a cruel joke last week when someone identifying themselves as a buyer from a large area corporation submitted a fake $24,000 cookie order. The story went viral on Friday after a local news station aired a segment on the Girl Scouts and how the scam resulted […]

Mother charged with SWATing prank

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A South Columbus, Ohio, mother has been charged with inducing panic after she made a 911 call on Wednesday morning, claiming her daughter was being held hostage at a nearby residence of which she gave the address. The mother told police that her daughter was taken by force after she and her daughter were walking […]

Kate Middleton's nurse allegedly commits suicide

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A nurse who was involved in Kate Middleton’s prenatal care, reportedly committed suicide after becoming the victim of a radio show prank involving two shock jock radio DJs in Australia and the Duchess of Cambridge. Jacintha Saldanha, 43, was reportedly found dead Friday morning, within walking distance from the King Edward VII Hospital where Kate Middleton was admitted […]

Mother named infant 'Hashtag' Jameson after Twitter

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A mother, who claims to have named her baby “Hashtag” after her love for Twitter, has garnered some unfavorable publicity and criticism after she set up a Facebook page on Tuesday, introducing Hashtag Jameson to the world. On the Facebook page, the mom wrote, “Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last night. She weys […]

Botox mom now claims extortion, not abuse in a bid to get her daughter back

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Whether you call her Botox Mom, Sheena Upton or Kerry Campbell, the stage mom who claimed to have injected her 8 year-old daughter Britney is now claiming it was a hoax. Upton alleges that the whole story of shots and bikini waxes was scripted by a broker, who gave her a script and arranged the […]

Craigslist ad threatens baby's life

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A Craigslist ad has Colorado police scratching their heads as they search for the person responsible for posting an ad that threatens to harm a baby if the baby was not picked up by an interested party. The ad claimed to be a teenage mother and showed a picture of a newborn, presumably right after […]

Boy in ballon found safe; never inside balloon

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Was it a hoax the whole time? So, will there be a butt slapping or celebration or both? “He’s been there the whole time,” said a sheriff’s department official.”He was hiding in a cardboard box in the attaic above the garage.” The official said his parents were beisde themself during the search and believed the […]

HOAX: Girl beat up over anti illegal immigration poster

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UPDATE: This story now appears to be a hoax. Thank you “Legal Mexican” for bringing it to our attention. ———————————— An eighth grader was accosted in her middle school hallway for simply completing an assignment. Her teacher assigned the students to make either past or present protest signs, hers were against illegal immigration which apparently […]

Abandoned baby in cab; mother found

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So, as it all turns out, the whole concocted story was a scam. The infant who was left in a cab was not left by her father, but rather a calculated move by the entire family to get rid of the infant. Her mother? 14. The Queens livery cab driver hailed as a hero for […]

Baby Clearance: A hoax?

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A baby was listed in a classified ad on craigslist.com, for sale or lease. Police are investigating whether or not it was a hoax. Police in Newmarket, N.H. are investigating whether a recent ad on craigslist offering to sell a baby is true or just a hoax. The ad in part reads, “My daughter is […]