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Girl Scouts left holding bag in $24,000 order hoax

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A Girl Scout group in Portland, Ore., were the victims of a cruel joke last week when someone identifying themselves as a buyer from a large area corporation submitted a fake $24,000 cookie order. The story went viral on Friday after a local news station aired a segment on the Girl Scouts and how the scam resulted […]

Girl Scouts 'Rock the Mall'

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Girl Scouts from all over the world country descended on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. yesterday to attend the ‘Rock the Mall’ event celebrating the Girl Scout’s 100th anniversary. The Associated Press reports that Girls Scouts from every state and various countries attended the event. The girls braved the heat to attend music performances […]

Indiana lawmaker calls Girl Scouts 'radicalized organization'

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Says group promotes ‘homosexual lifestyles,’ abortionsWhile most of the United States celebrates the current Girl Scouts cookie season by munching on Thin Mints and Samoas, an Indiana lawmaker has decided to rail on the group instead. Indiana House Republicans put forth a resolution last week to honor the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, but […]

Transgender children welcomed by the Girl Scouts of America

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Children rejecting the sex they were born with is becoming a source of advocacy among mental health professionalsThe Girl Scouts of America has released a statement that welcomes boys into the organization as a growing number of transgender boys have shown an interest in joining. The statement comes after a 7 year old Colorado boy, […]

Savannah smacks down Girl Scout cookie sales

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You would think that the one sure safe haven to sell Girl Scout cookies would be in front of the childhood home of the organization’s founder. Well, you would be wrong. The city of Savannah, Georgia, has decided to end the long standing practice of green vested girls selling cookies on the sidewalk outside of […]

Police find pot farm at Girl Scout camp

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Police in Indiana have found 5,000 marijuana plants growing on land that is partly used for a Girl Scout camp. Where they tipped off by the large number of empty Thin Mints boxes laying around? Police found the hidden marijuana farm with plants in various stages of cultivation in a wooded swampy area of Kosciusko […]

Con artists rip off Girl Scouts

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If you believe in bad karma, we can’t think of a better way to bring it on than ripping off a couple Girl Scouts. We bet these jerks kick puppies for fun, too. A pair of con artists ripped off a Girl Scout group when they exchanged a fake $100 bill for cookies, police said. […]

Nobody takes cookies from a girl scout and gets away with it

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A girl scout was robbed during a cookie sale, by one of her customers. Lucky for her, the suspect wrote down her name and address on the order form so that police could arrest her quickly. SAVANNAH, Ga. — A Girl Scout who was robbed while selling cookies led police straight to a 12-year-old suspect […]