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Shocking: Dad allows 6-year-old to drive motorcycle (video)

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A video posted Sunday of a young boy, 6-years-old, riding and driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle while his father lets him take over the steering is sparking some interesting discussion on You Tube this week. See video here: The video posted by the boy’s father shows the dad leaning back and letting go of the […]

6-year-old goes for joyride in effort to get to dad

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A 6-year-old Pittsburgh, Pa. girl crashed her mother’s car into a utility pole on Sunday morning when she took off in the family car to go visit her dad. The youngster was trying to get to her father across town when she hit two parked vehicles and wound up stopping after she hit a utility […]

Study: Your father impacts how you react to 'Teen Mom' and '16 and Pregnant'

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Let’s talk about sex, baby.MTV’s hit reality programs ‘Teen Mom’ and ’16 and Pregnant’ have had a polarizing effect.  It goes beyond a “love it” or “hate it” split, viewers and critics (some of which have never actually watched the programs) debate whether or not the shows glamorize teen pregnancy, or if they help to prevent […]

Row over photo of dad feeding baby

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A recent ad featuring Piri Weepu, a beloved New Zealand rugby player, feeding his 6-month-old daughter has really caused a brouhaha in New Zealand. The photo was a to be a two-second shot included in a public service anti-smoking advertisement for the country’s Health Sponsorship Council.  However, La Leche League and other motherhood advocacy groups […]

25-year-old man sought fathers willing to allow him sexual access to their daughters

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A 25-year-old man from Frankfort Square, Illinois has been charged with one count of traveling to meet a minor and two counts of indecent solicitation of a child. The charges are the result of a two-month-long investigation, as reported by Will and Cook County sheriff’s police today. Bond was set for Brandon J. Bergthold at $750,000. He is […]

Nazi naming parents acquitted of child abuse charges

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Adolph Hitler’s parents fighting to regrain custody of two sisters, Aryan Nation Honszlynn HinlerA NJ couple, Heath and Deborah Campbell, are fighting to get their Nazi-named children back. Social services investigated the couple after a ShopRite store reported them for a birthday cake order they placed with the bakery. While in and of itself, not […]