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14-year-old girl accused of stabbing 4-year-old cousin to death

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A 14-year-old Indianapolis girl is facing a preliminary charge of murder after allegedly stabbing her four-year-old cousin to death at their grandparents’ apartment at around 11:00pm on Saturday. The boy, Leon Thomas III, was sleeping when his cousin stabbed him 16 times before fleeing the home.  The grandparents were also asleep, but Leon’s 11-year-old sister was […]

'Sister Wives' creates stir at Las Vegas school

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The Browns, the polygamist family profiled in the ‘Sister Wives’, often create a stir.   The current uproar is being generated by parents in one Las Vegas area community.  Parents there are upset with Sheila Tarr Elementary School’s decision to allow the show to film the family attending the school’s Valentine’s Ball. The Ball was held last Saturday as a fundraiser for the […]

Family faces eviction over two-year-old's crying

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Neighbours have complained that it sounds like an ‘over-revving motorcycle’A family in Worcestershire, UK, have been warned that they face eviction – if they can’t stop their two-year-old daughter from crying. Nicola Baylis, 23, and Tim Richold, 34, moved into their first-floor flat in December 2010, with their daughter Skye. They have now been issues […]

First lady surprised Secret Service with thank you for protecting her family

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“You all have really made us feel at home and safe, and there is no amount of thanks that I could convey that would give you a sense of how important you all are to us. “So this visit is special for me.” There have been many visits to many different federal agencies for first […]

Police: Baby burned, beaten and possibly drugged

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Of course any abuse of an infant this young is horrific and shocking, but this story is made all the more unthinkable by the accusation that it was not only the baby’s mother that was part of the abuse, but other members of her family as well: A 6-week-old girl was beaten, burned and apparently […]