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'Sesame Street': Elmo's voice over accused of relationship with teen boy

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The Sesame Street puppeteer behind Elmo, who handles the beloved children’s Muppet character Elmo’s and acts as its voice, has taken a leave of absence after being accused of having a sexual relations with an underage male teen. The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Monday that Kevin Clash, 52 — the man behind Elmo’s voice and character actions was accused of sexual […]

I'm Elmo and I know it

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Elmo covers LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I know it’Now your little ones can rock out with their blocks out to this G-rated LMFAO cover of “Sexy and I Know it”. It’s so funny and stupid and the same time, it kinda makes you laugh and ask why? Why? Why? Why?  

2011 hottest holiday toys list is out

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Angry birds and Harry Potter are among the ‘must have’ toys on the listIt’s that time of the year again. Parents are trying to suss out the hottest toys to get an early start on sourcing the ‘must have’ toys for what may be increasingly difficult to find. Experienced parents know that you can’t wait […]