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Youngster in hospital after father cuts pentagram into his back

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A 6-year-old Richland Hills, Texas, boy spent 18 hours in the hospital after his father carved a pentagram into the boys’ back. The boy’s father, Brent Troy Bartel, admitted he assaulted the boy when he called 911 to report that his son was injured and bleeding. In an audio obtained by KSDK, Bartel can be […]

4-year-old left outside in the cold; toddler sister inside locked inside cage

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A North Tulsa, Oklahoma, man has been credited this week for saving the lives of three young children who were being woefully neglected while their father was allegedly passed out on prescription medications and alcohol. According to Oklahoma News 6, neighbor Matt Testerman called the Tulsa police on Sunday night after he heard a child screaming and […]

5-year-old boy in coma after mother's boyfriend beat him

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A 5-year-old Houston, Texas, boy is in critical condition today after his mother’s boyfriend, Robert Bertrand Lewis Jr., 35, allegedly beat him so severely, he fell into a coma. The boy’s mother reportedly left her youngster in the care of her boyfriend on October 12 while she attended traffic court. The mother told police that the pair […]

Father of newborn charged with throwing her across room

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A Edinburgh, Indiana man is behind bars today after he seriously injured his newborn daughter by allegedly throwing the infant across the room. Bradley Kyle Eddleman, 23-years-old, fractured his infant daughter’s skull after he allegedly threw her across the room. The infant was rushed to the hospital where medical personnel noted finger impressions and bruising […]

Mother in court for allegedly putting bleach in toddler's eyes

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Jennifer Mothershead accused of blinding daughter by forcing bleach laced eye drops into eyesJennifer L. Mothershead, 29,  appeared in a Tacoma, Washington court yesterday on charges of repeatedly exposing her toddler daughter’s eyes to bleach. Mothershead reportedly used eye drops laced with bleach and repeatedly put the drops in both of her toddler’s eyes. The […]

30 below zero: Alaska toddler freezes to death inside home

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Mother and boyfriend allegedly left toddler and baby alone in room, naked, with window openAn Alaskan toddler, 3-years-old, is dead after her mother’s boyfriend left her in a frigid room with the window wide open. Air temperatures in the remote Alaskan town of Barrow reached 30 below zero the day the toddler and her sister […]

Police: Texas mother arrested after allegedly torturing toddler

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Two-year-old girl admitted to hospital with teeth knocked out, black eye and bleeding on the brainCynthia Cecilia Gonzalez of Longview Texas was arrested last Wednesday after her toddler daughter, Aura Delgado, 2-years-old, was taken to the hospital for serious injuries. Police believe the injuries were a result of what is believed to be atrocious physical […]

Nebraska mom allegedly forces youngsters to sleep in wire dog cages

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Two boys, ages 3 and 5, were forced to live in dog cages say the Lincoln County Nebraska policePolice in North Platte, Nebraska were called to the home of Ashly Clark, the mother of a 3 year-old boy and a 5 year-old boy, who were found living in squalor and forced to live in disgraceful […]

15-year old boy choked unconscious

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Motive of student who choked a fellow classmate into unconsciosness has yet to be disclosedA 15-year-old boy was listed in critical condition after being found Monday evening choked unconscious at a freshman football game at Seneca High School in Louisville. Once his condition improves, he will require rehabilitation. The Jefferson County Public Schools will only confirm […]

Louisville man faces murder charges after death of 3-year-old

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On Sunday, Louisville, Kentucky, man Larry Webster, 36, was originally charged with criminal attempted murder as his girlfriend’s three-year-old boy was fighting for his life after severely beaten. The child was listed in critical condition and died later that night. Webster is now charged with murder, although his family defended Webster outside the courtroom earlier this […]

Minnesota toddler on life support will likely die after extensive abuse

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3 yr. old boy on life support will likely die from alleged abuse at the hands of his mother and her boyfriendA 3 yr. old boy is not expected to survive after he was brought into a Minnesota hospital with severe injuries resulting from abuse by his mother, Elizabeth Moorman, 40, and her boyfriend, Anthony […]

California mother threw baby out of 4th story parking garage

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31 year old Southern California resident, Sonia Hermosillo, was arrested last night after a witness notified police that she saw a  baby falling from a distance above a mid-high rise parking garage. Although the witness did not see someone throw the baby over the railing, police suspected someone had attempted to kill the infant. Upon […]

Police: WA couple accused of prior heinous child abuse have child returned, now accused of severely torturing another child

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Police respond to concerned citizens report that young girl was being severely abused in WashingtonA young girl, 10, living with her adoptive family outside of Seattle, Washington, was taken to the Mukilteo, WA Police Station after she was found by police in a state they described as “emaciated”. The police were alerted to a potentially […]

Toddler was allegedly beaten and starved because caregiver couldn't get pot

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Toddler suffered permanent injuries from extensive abuse and neglect by woman who said it was because she was frustrated because she had no marijuanWhen a two year old toddler girl was brought into a hospital outside of St. Petersburg, Florida on Wednesday, medical personnel found that she had extensive injuries that were indicative of horrendous […]

Four arrested after 10-year-old child dies inside locked chest in Arizona

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PHOENIX, ARIZONA (BNO NEWS) — Four people have been arrested in relation to a 10-year-old girl who died after being stuffed in a footlocker as punishment for taking a popsicle from the refrigerator, local media reported on Friday. John and Samantha Allen, both 23, Cynthia Stoltzmann, 44, and Judith Deal, 72, were all arrested on […]

UK couple which misled social workers with twin sister convicted for deadly abuse

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BLACKBURN, ENGLAND (BNO NEWS) — A British couple which tried to cover up the deadly abuse of their baby daughter by showing her twin sister to authorities has been convicted of child neglect and cruelty offences, police said on Tuesday. Lancashire police said Mohammed Karolia, 29, and his wife Nafisa Karolia, 22, were found guilty […]

Authorities failed murdered schoolgirl

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An independent inquiry has found that Child Protection agencies failed 12 year old Tia Rigg before she was murdered by her uncle in Manchester last year. Tia was found dead in a house in Manchester on 3rd April 2010. She had suffered severe abdominal injuries, and had been strangled with ligature. An investigation lead to […]

Missouri couple arrested for locking 5 children in feces and urine-covered rooms

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LIBERTY, MISSOURI (BNO NEWS) — A Missouri couple was charged on Wednesday for keeping their five children locked in rooms covered in urine and feces, prosecutors said. Paul and Bethany Jenkins, of Liberty, Missouri, were arrested and charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child, following an anonymous call from a neighbor, […]

Oprah: Tortured 7 year old girl who lived in dog cage finally speaks

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Chelsea, a 21 year old girl from Brillion, Wisconsin whose name was not known 14 years ago when she was referred to as “girl in cage”, opened up for the first time on Oprah today. Fourteen years ago, Chelsea was the victim of relentless torture. The abuse was brought to the attention of the local, […]

Police: PA mother and father starve their toddler to death

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A “common law” couple, ages 35 and 55, are accused of withholding food and liquid from their 15 month old daughter which police believe lead to her death. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, little Madison Violet Dodson didn’t stand much of a chance in the conditions in which she was found. She was the […]

Step-father accused of choking 3 year old; claims 'the devil made him do it'

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Giving new meaning to evil step-parent, Randal Caballero, 35, has been reported to have taken his 3 year old step-son outside their Warren, Michigan home, in the dead of winter and trying to choke him to death. According to Click On Detroit, police were alerted to the incident when Cabellero knocked on a neighbors door, […]

Mesa man reportedly abuses 4 year old; boy dies of injuries

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The boyfriend of a woman (isn’t it always the boyfriend) was watching her 4 year old son and allegedly beat the boy so hard, he died of blunt trauma to the head. According to Police, the preschooler had apparently soiled his pants which enraged the boyfriend, 23 year old Jorge Busso. The boy was found […]

9 year old boy forced to sleep in tool shed

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The step-grandparents and mother and father of a 9 year old Virginia boy have been arrested in conjunction with child neglect and abuse. The foursome saw it fit to punish and discipline the boy by making him sleep in the tool shed. An AP video of the shed showed that it was packed with tools […]

Zahra Clare Baker; police think missing 10 year old with cancer may be dead

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Zahra Clare Baker is a 10 year old who has battled bone cancer for years. The disease has left her with a prosthetic leg and nearly deaf. The child went missing on October 9, 2010, however, according to the Associated Press, the police are now suspecting a homicide as they have yet to find anyone […]

Toddlers mother and her boyfriend torture boy with duct tape

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A sweet toddler, just shy of 2 years old was tortured for the fun of it, according to Nebraska Police chief Bruce Lang. The 18 year old mother, Jayla Hamm and her 19 old boyfriend Corde Honea, used duct tape to tie the baby to the wall. They also tortured him by duct taping his […]