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9 year old boy forced to sleep in tool shed

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The step-grandparents and mother and father of a 9 year old Virginia boy have been arrested in conjunction with child neglect and abuse. The foursome saw it fit to punish and discipline the boy by making him sleep in the tool shed. An AP video of the shed showed that it was packed with tools […]

Baby reportedly punched repeatedly in the stomach and face will likely die

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A 10 month old baby girl, Destiny Barrientos, was taken to their local Texas hospital and put on life support after she suffered a severe beating. At this point, she’s not expected to survive according to My San Antonio News. The little baby reportedly suffered a ruptured spleen, severed intestines, a ruptured pancreas and blunt […]

Police: Mother high on drugs puts newborn through entire washing machine cycle

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A 10 day old infant newborn was killed when her mother, who was reportedly high on drugs, threw the baby into the washing machine where the baby died after going through an entire washing machine cleansing cycle. The infant, Maggie May Trammel, was found by her great aunt, who was inside the Oklahoma home and […]

Babysitter accused of burning toddlers skin off

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Police believe that babysitter, Irene Martin, age 37 of Plainfield, Indiana, severely burned a 2 year old by holding him down in what they estimate to be 137 degree water, according to WTHR Indianapolis. The scalding hot water reportedly made the baby’s skin completely peel off all down his back and buttocks. Police also report […]