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Chicago man admits to biting and beating toddler

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On Saturday, April 14, at about 4:15 pm Armaney Cotton, 2, was found unresponsive, her body was covered with bruises and apparent bite marks. Devell M. Johnson,23, was babysitting the toddler, in the Chicago home he shared with his family, while his girlfriend went to work. At around 4pm Johnson carried the unconscious toddler upstairs […]

Mother tells daughter to lie for molester

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Jackie Wayne Robson, 48, of Porter, Indiana was arrested on two counts of molesting a child younger than 14. Robson is a registered sex offender, convicted of vicarious sexual gratification for molesting an eight year-old girl in 2008. He was sentenced to three years, with all but 90 days suspended. According to a probably cause […]

Child porn charges land former D.C. teacher on FBI's Most Wanted list

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has placed a former teacher at a prominent private elementary school in Washington, D.C. on its list of the 10 most wanted fugitives over allegations that he possessed and produced child pornography. The investigation into Eric Justin Toth started four years ago when somebody found pornographic images on Toth’s camera […]

Elementary school janitors accused of binding, gagging students

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Two maintenance employees at Gregory Elementary School in Long Branch, New Jersey have been suspended amid accusations that they bound and gagged four 10-year-old students.  The employees allegedly bound and gagged the boys with caution tape inside a school bathroom and proceeded to take pictures. The school principal, Elford Ralls-Dill, learned of the March 1 […]

KY: 15-year old charged with murder of 14-year old boy

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Back in May 2011, a 14-year-old boy’s body (Trey Zwicker) was found behind Liberty High School in Louisville, KY. One of the suspects is a 15-year-old boy, who was arrested 43 days after the body was found.  The case has been further held up in juvenile court for the past few months. According to WLKY News, […]

Louisville man faces murder charges after death of 3-year-old

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On Sunday, Louisville, Kentucky, man Larry Webster, 36, was originally charged with criminal attempted murder as his girlfriend’s three-year-old boy was fighting for his life after severely beaten. The child was listed in critical condition and died later that night. Webster is now charged with murder, although his family defended Webster outside the courtroom earlier this […]

Zahra Clare Baker: Police search pond in homocide case

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Just when you think this horrific story can’t get any worse, police react to trained search and rescue dog’s “hit” on a wood-chipper and nearby lot where Zahra Clare Baker’s, a missing 10 year old battling cancer, scent was found. The lot, which was reportedly used by her father to store items for his landscaping […]

Parents accused of torturing and abusing 5 week old baby

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A 5 week old baby in Muncie, Indiana has apparently come into this world in a torture chamber. The infant boy, Brayden Wihebrink, was taken to a local hospital where he was found to have multiple fractures all over his body, including his color bone, upper leg, lower leg, arms as well as some previously […]

Mother allegedly stuffs toddler in gym bag; locks her in car in bag

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Jacksonville, Florida police are accusing a mother of a 15 month old baby girl of stuffing her inside a gym bag. The baby was found unharmed when police were notified. The mother, Leendra Glene’ Dasher, age 21, has denied that she put her baby inside the bag. What’s odd about this story is that Leendra […]

Zahra Clare Baker; police think missing 10 year old with cancer may be dead

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Zahra Clare Baker is a 10 year old who has battled bone cancer for years. The disease has left her with a prosthetic leg and nearly deaf. The child went missing on October 9, 2010, however, according to the Associated Press, the police are now suspecting a homicide as they have yet to find anyone […]

Father accused of abuse: Infant boy dies

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A 4/12 month infant boy from Tacoma, Washington has died from sustained injuries allegedly at the hands of his own father. As reported by KIRO TV, the baby had a head injury which didn’t jibe with the father’s story of him rolling off the sofa. The father, Michael Vanderveur, age 21, has been arrested in […]

Toddlers mother and her boyfriend torture boy with duct tape

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A sweet toddler, just shy of 2 years old was tortured for the fun of it, according to Nebraska Police chief Bruce Lang. The 18 year old mother, Jayla Hamm and her 19 old boyfriend Corde Honea, used duct tape to tie the baby to the wall. They also tortured him by duct taping his […]

Florida father and girlfriend arrested for allegedly torturing toddler to death

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A young Florida couple is accused of repeated violence and torture against a 3 year old that left him dead. Allegations include droping the boy on the floor, breaking his arm, picking him up by the throat, punching him, biting him and pulling out his chair from under him. Let’s hope these people never see […]

Baby dies in the care of babysitter

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Proof positive that it pays to do background checks on your babysitter, 21 year old Tiffany Calise was charged and arrested for alleged child endangerment of 23 month old Aaliyah Ali while in her care, possibly leading to the baby’s death. A baby sitter, caring for the baby early Tuesday, had told sheriff’s deputies she […]

Toddler beaten so badly that intestines had to be removed

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Amanda, the toddler who was beaten so severely, she had to have part of her intestines removed is only 2 years old. To say the mother was a bad judge of character is a gross understatement…also, the Department of Family Services allegedly visited the trailer where this child lived a week before and found her […]

Condoms for children?

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Another reason Switzerland has to be one of the most dangerous places for children. Not only do they have huge pedophile rings there, but they’re now selling extra small condoms for young boys. Outrageous! A leading condom manufacturer in Switzerland has created extra-small condoms for boys as young as 12 years old, the U.K.’s Daily […]

Mom leaves small children in car while she goes tanning

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A mother has been charged with leaving her toddlers in her car, in freezing cold temperatures, while she went tanning. Enfield Police Chief Carl Sferrazza (sver-AH’-zah) told the Journal Inquirer that Rock left her two children — ages 3 and just under 1 year — in the parked car, which was not running, for 18 […]

Mother and accomplices arrested for duct-taping toddlers body and mouth

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A mother and her roommate and cousin have been arrested in allegations of disgusting abuse and torture against an innocent toddler who had his ankles bound by duct tape, his hands duct taped to his chest and his mouth duct taped closed. I’m speechless. Jessica Nicole McClure, 23, was arrested Sunday after police found her […]

Toddler and woman found imprisoned and tortured in relatives home

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A woman was found in a Kenosha, WI home, having been chained to a weight bench for as long as 3 years. She was no longer able to stand or walk, nor could she speak. A baby was also strapped to a car seat in a dark room with a diaper that was many days […]

3 month old infant clinging to life after alleged abuse

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A 3 month old baby suffered injuries which put her on life support after alleged horrific abuse and torture at the hands of her own parents. Father said he would drop baby on the floor for his own “entertainment”. A police report said the infant daughter of Jacob Nichols, 20, and Ashley Gibson, 19, was […]

Georgia couple give their children homemade tattoos

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This mom and dad aren’t exactly working to dispel the stereotype of the ignorant Southerner. A couple with children from different marriages tattoo six of their children with black crosses ON THEIR HANDS and now they can’t understand why in the world this would be a problem: A Georgia couple is facing child-cruelty charges for […]

Infant in serious condition after father allegedly burns her

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God only knows why this “father” used scalding hot water to “clean” a 7 week old infant’s butt and crotch or why the mother refused to get her treatment, but hopefully that baby will get out of that situation before something worse happens. Investigators say Valencia used hot water to clean the baby — resulting […]

Man charged with seriously beating 22 month old toddler

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After a man named Daronlo Lamont Billinger allegedly had an argument with her mother, a 22 month old child was abducted by a Bilinger who allegedly beat the baby seriously and has since been charged. It is unknown if the baby was sexually abused as well. Investigations continue. The mother called 911 and said she […]

Father of 2 month old infant charged in infant's death

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A 19 year old father made up some story about his infant daughter rolling off a bed while he was changing her and hitting her head. When she arrived at the hospital, she was pronounced brain dead. Charges ensued. Evidence indicates that the infant’s head injuries were a result of Martinez’s actions, according to police. […]

Wife goes undercover and busts pedophile husband

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A suspicious British woman went online, posing as a young teen, in effort to find out if her husband was trying to lure teen girls into sex and didn’t like what she found… A British woman who trapped her pedophile husband by posing as a teenage girl on the internet has been praised by a […]