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The first model with an hourglass figure

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While the average model measures between 24-28 inches around the waist, a Romanian model is creating some “narrow” competition. Iona Spangenberg has a waist girth of 50 cms, or just about 20 inches. Aged 30  and weighing 38kg, Spangenberg has  a surreal ‘hour-glass’ figure. Iona says she spent a prime time of her teenage snacking […]

Acne-scarred model shares makeup cover up tips

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Cassandra Bankson tells how to hide acne with cosmeticsYoung model Cassandra Bankson has suffered from acne for years — she claims she got her first pimple when she was three, and it only became worse from there. But thanks to the powers of cosmetics, she’s still able to have a successful modeling career. Bankson spoke […]