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Mother allegedly wraps newborn in plastic bag and puts her in the dryer to die

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  A Henrico, Virginia, woman has been accused to attempting to kill her newborn daughter by wrapping her in a plastic bag and pillowcase and leaving her in the dryer to die. Angela Janecka, a 39-year-old stay-at-home-mom, gave birth to the baby girl at home and then called her husband who was at work and […]

Teen and friend split list of his family members to kill with horrific baseball bat beatings

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A witness has said that Tucker Cipriano, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, who has been accused of beating his father Robert Cipriano, 52, to death in a horrific attack that left his mother and younger brother critically injured, had plotted the killing spree with a friend and the two and split in advance who would kill which members […]

Girl, 13, allegedly hires two friends to help kill her mother

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Police arrested three Hesperia, California, Ranchero Middle School students after they allegedly attempted to kill the mother of one of the teens. Police responded after a call from the mother after she had been attacked in her bed on Tuesday morning and found her 13-year-old daughter to be missing from the home. According to authorities, […]

Former missing-child poster boy sentenced for rape charge

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Adam Croote pleaded guilty to raping and choking a 10-year-old girl, will spend 25 years to life in prison As a poster boy for missing kids everywhere, Adam Croote’s story was the textbook case for why public resources should be used to help more victimized children. Croote, a former abducted child himself, stood next to […]

Woman drives her son to a neighboring town to kill informant

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When is it illegal for a woman to give her son a ride? When she’s taking him and an accomplice from Chicago to Cicero to shoot a person they believe to be a police informant. That’s exactly what Cicero police say Linda J. Vargas-Jurado did. Vargas-Jurado, 33, was taken into custody on Thursday by Chicago and Cicero police, as […]

Florida woman accused of trying to kill infant with a rock

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Elizabeth Garcia, a 19-year-old Florida Keys woman, has been charged with the attempted murder of  a two-month-old child. A video obtained by investigators with the Department of Children and Families reportedly shows the woman trying to hit the child with a rock, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. Reports claim that the video shows […]

Police: Grandmother tried to murder 7 year old grandson

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A 7 year old boy was able to call for help as he came up for air when his Grandma tried to drown himHouston area police report that a 46 year old grandmother tried to trick her 7 year old grandson so that she could attempt to drown him in her bathtub. Arburne Jeanine Bensen, […]

Texas dad chokes, dumps son on highway

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Police say boy tossed “like a bag of garbage”Police in Nolan County, Texas, say a man has confessed to choking his 4-year-old son and leaving him alongside a highway to die. Carlos Rico, 22, said that “voices” told him to kill and dump his son, according to ABC News. Rico has been charged with attempted […]

Mother accused of trying to drown toddler in toilet

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Two women have been taken into custody and held at the El Paso County Jail in Colorado Springs, Colorado, accused of trying to drown a 20 month old toddler girl. One of the women is reportedly the toddler’s mother, Samantha Salaz, 19 and the other is a caregiver, Mary Horsley, 50. It is not yet […]

Mom charged with tying noose around baby's neck

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After a fight with her baby’s father, a Maryland mom allegedly tied a noose around her infant son’s neck with the intention of killing the boy and herself. Charging documents said police officers went to [Blanca Noehmi Juarez’s] house April 16 while she was having a fight with her boyfriend, who is the 9-month-old boy’s […]

Teen documents attempted murder of parents on film

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Perhaps this budding teen Sofia Coppola hasn’t heard of a thing called “props” or “special effects”: A schoolgirl movie maker filmed herself as she tried to murder her parents in their living room, a jury heard today… In the video, the girl first filmed herself as she sat in her bedroom dressed in a silk […]