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Report: Kidnap victim Michelle Knight needs reconstructive surgery

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Michelle Knight, one of the three women who have been held captive in Ariel Castro’s basement for the last ten years, is reportedly still recovering in a Cleveland hospital after allegedly sustaining some serious injuries while in captivity reported her grandmother on Thursday. Michelle Knight, who has been a prisoner in Castro’s home longer than the other […]

Police: Preschool teacher slipped sleeping pills into tots sippy cups

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A Kiddie Academy preschool teacher in Morgan Hill, Calif., was arrested on Monday after the school called police because they suspected she was drugging the children. Debbie Gratz, 59, was fired on Friday after Gratz’ colleague witnessed Gratz allegedly slipping small pieces of pills inside the children’s sippy cups. Gratz was the teacher of classroom of […]

Octomom: Nadya Suleman reportedly in drug rehab

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Nadya Suleman aka “Octomom” reportedly checked herself into a drug rehabilitation program on Tuesday in effort to treat what her representative is referring to as addiction to prescription medication. According to TMZ, Suleman entered a 30-day drug rehab program which will requite her to be separated from her 14 children for an extended period of time. The representative […]

Deputies find children kept in closets at home daycare

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Child Protective Services were called to the home of an unlicensed home daycare in Virginia Beach, Virginia, after Sheriff Deputies discovered the daycare was operating illegally and keeping small children inside dark closets. Deputies visited the home of Tanya Jones on Dylan Drive while escorting employees of a furniture rental business who were there to repossess unpaid furniture. When deputies entered […]

Girl kept in "dungeon" and tortured for 10 years sues city of Philadelphia

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20-year-old Beatrice Weston is suing the city of Philadelphia, claiming that city officials failed to act appropriately and properly train workers which could have prevented the nightmare she endured. In October 2011, Turgut Gozleveli, a Philadelphia apartment building’s landlord, found two dog bowls in the apartment block.  Pets were not allowed, and Gozleveli questioned the […]

Three daycare workers face charges for assault and child endangerment

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According to police, three Plum, Pennsylvania, daycare workers are facing charges after repeated instances of abuse towards children at Genesis Childcare Center and failure to report such incidents. On Monday, police arrested Eileen Marie Andrews, 44, of Verona, and charged her with four counts of child endangerment and two counts of simple assault. Terry Lynn […]

Cleared of allegations, teacher demands accountability

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A teacher in Ontario, Canada is demanding that students who make false accusations be held accountable, after she was cleared of abuse charges that proved to be unfounded. Susan Dowell, a substitute teacher with 15 years of classroom experience, was on a one-day assignment at R.L. Graham elementary school when she asked a student not to […]

Autistic boy bullied by teachers caught on tape, called a "bastard"

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  A Cherry Hill, New Jersey father suspected something wasn’t quite right at his autistic son’s school.  What he uncovered has started an Internet campaign to stop abusive teachers from bullying students. On Friday, Stuart Chaifetz posted a video on YouTube in which he said that he was shocked when he was told by school officials his […]

Police and DCFS investigate death of 4-month-old girl injured in day care

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The death of a 4-month-old baby girl who was apparently injured at an unlicensed day care facility has sparked an investigation by police and Illinois child welfare authorities. They are investigating allegations of abuse at the facility, according to officials. The Cook County medical examiner’s office reported that Anna Belle Chung, of Mount Prospect, Illinois, was […]

Special Education teacher accused of abusing students

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A special education teacher at Dream Lake Elementary in Orange County, Florida, has been charged with two counts of child abuse after the principal, Gary Schadow, called police upon suspicion of misconduct. Patricia LaMantia, 56, was arrested yesterday after school officials suspected that she had harmed two severely disabled elementary students. The incidents were believed […]

Father accused of abuse, infant suffered at least 21 bone fractures

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William Olsen, 21, has been arrested and charged with suspected child abuse and assault after his infant daughter was brought to a hospital in eastern Minnesota with at least 21 broken bones. Olsen reportedly admitted to authorities that he would routinely squeeze the infant and pick her up by her extremities. Court documents reveal that […]

Babysitter forces baby to walk on broken leg, baby dies

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Toddler with broken leg forced to walk on broken leg, dies after items fall on herThree Pennsylvania children were left in the care of their mother’s boyfriend several weeks ago while the mother was out of town.  Adrian Morgan Allen, 27, was reportedly babysitting the kids, none of whom are Allen’s biological children. One of […]

Josh Powell tells young boys he has surprise before taking axe to them

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In a story that seems to get worse as details emerge, Josh Powell, the father of the two boys, ages 7 and 5, who blew up his Washington home after receiving his young boys on a court appointed visit, reportedly told the older boy, Charlie, “I’ve got a big surprise for you,” before blowing them […]

Child abuse: 9-year-old found weighing as much as toddler

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A 9-year-old boy was found walking the streets of North Miami Beach, Florida, weighing only as much as a toddler. Neighbors reportedly found the boy walking the streets naked last night, around 8 pm, and called the police. The boy was taken to a local hospital and was also found to have multiple contusions all […]

Parents starve baby, fear future obesity

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During hospital stay, doctors discover Wisconsin parents had starved their infant daughter.Appleton, Wis. parents Christopher and Mary Sultze found themselves charged with felony child neglect for allegedly intentionally keeping food from their infant daughter in an effort to keep her from becoming obese.   Each of the Sultzes was charged with one count of felony […]

Honor roll student commits suicide after being bullied at school

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Ashlynn Conner, 10, a cheerleader and honor roll student hangs herself to stop bullyingPeer pressure and school bullies are just two of the many issues that face our young children in school these days. Peer pressure alone can make our children do things they wouldn’t normally do. Couple that with the peer pressure coming from […]

Special Ed. student's fingertip severed after teacher slams door

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The mother of a 9 year-old special education student in Harrisburg, PA, was upset when to learn that her son had his fingertip sliced off when a teacher slammed the door on his hand. While the teacher and school district are calling the incident an unfortunate accident, the boy’s mother, Tanaya Scott, isn’t convinced. Scott […]

Womens activists receive 2011 Nobel Peace Prize

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Three African women who have fought for women’s rights and to advance peace honored with prize.Tawakkul Karman, Levmah Gbowee, and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf are the recipients of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for their work to advance world peace and their fight for women’s rights. As the first democratically elected female president in Africa, […]

Police still searching for couple who locked 7-year-old in coffin

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Scranton police rescue boy from bug-infested home.A couple who allegedly locked a 7-year-old boy in a coffin in a bug-infested basement, and duct-taped him to a chair in their home to punish him, are still being sought after by police. Clad only in a diaper, the young old boy was found on September 26, in […]

New Zealand child beaten by tutor for improper pronunciation

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Child had to be taken to the hospital after beating by tutor left him injuredA New Zealand child was repeatedly beaten and abused by a man who was supposed to be tutoring him. His tutor allegedly used a slipper and drumstick to hit the child repeatedly. The tutor claimed he became frustrated with the child’s mispronunciation […]

Children taken from foster care in NYC found safe in Pennsylvania

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Parents in custody.Eight children ranging in age 11 months to 11 years were purportedly taken from a foster care agency in New York City by their mother, Shanel Nadal, last week. The Associated Press reports the children were found safe and in good shape today by U.S. Marshals and members of the New York City […]

Internet makes child pornography easily accessible

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The Internet has made it easier than ever for people to be in contact with others around the globe.  Unfortunately, not all of that contact is a good thing. Child pornography is a growing problem nationally and internationally via the Internet. According to the U.S. Department of Justice Web site: “Producing child abuse images has […]

Sex abuse at teen jails a "nationwide crisis"

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Many of us are aware of the sex abuse and violence that takes place in our nation’s jails, but how many stop to think that this problem has trickled down into our juvenile detention centers as well? Girls as young as 13 say they were shackled for weeks at a time in Mississippi. A Texas […]

Daycare accused of using thumb tacks as punishment

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Even in large, commercial daycares, parents need to be wary: DALLAS — Attorneys from Dallas’ Rasansky Law Firm are announcing a lawsuit filed today against a popular North Texas day care center and company officials based on information that a teacher used thumb tacks to punish a 3-year-old child.