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*UPDATE* Pregnant woman shot and set on fire gives birth

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Latonya Bowman, the Detroit woman who was set on fire and then shot by her ex-boyfriend (the father of the child) and his roommate gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday. She went into labor three weeks early and delivered via emergency c-section. She is in stable condition, and her baby is in intensive care. […]

Aimee Copeland, the young woman battling flesh-eating disease, speaks

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According to a blog post from her father, Aimee Copeland has spoken her first words since being hospitalized for flesh-eating bacteria. Andy Copeland reportedly posted the following to his blog: “Today…May 27……is AIMEE DAY!!! Sunday, Aimee has finally spoken her first words. I will follow with details tonight.” He also promised to provide more details […]

Khloe Kardashian-Odom to try In-Vitro

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After two years of trying to conceive naturally, reports say the Odoms are turning to science for a babyThe entire Kardashian family has had an interesting year, from Kim’s 72-day marriage to Kourtney’s announcement at the beginning of December that she was expecting a little brother or sister for little Mason, but younger sister Khloe […]

Craigslist teen may have been threatened to silence

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The 16 year old charged in the Craigslist Killings may have been a victim of Rich Beasley as wellThe halls of Stow-Munroe Falls High School are no doubt abuzz with the news that classmate Brogan Rafferty is being accused of attempted murder, and the teen’s friends are speaking out. Brogan Rafferty, 16 has been charged with […]

Texas judge William Adams on paid leave over beating video

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The Texas judge is also under a restraining order from his 10-year old daughterThe Texas judge caught on video beating his teenage daughter has been placed on paid leave by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct, pending further investigation. Judge William Adams agreed with the Commission’s order and waived the right to a hearing in the temporary […]

Judge adjourns without decision on Casey Anthony video

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After hearing arguments from both sides as to whether the jailhouse video of Casey Anthonyshould be released to the public, Chief Judge Belvin Perry adjourned without making a ruling as reported by The Chicago Tribune. It was Judge Stan Strickland, the judge presiding over Anthony’s case, who agreed with her defense team that the video […]

Kentucky boy missing since Saturday found safe

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Randall Leon Chesser was found safe,  Kentucky State Police report.  He was found after 2 p.m. three miles from home in Washington County Ky. According to, Troopers say the autistic 7-year-old boy is conscious, eating and drinking after being located near a creek close to his home.  Randall had been missing for two days,  […]

Child Molester receives 19-year sentence

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After becoming intoxicated in St. Paul, Minnesota last May, John Heuer walked over to the busy Laundromat next door where he saw two young sisters. According to witnesses he told them they “looked pretty today.”Their mother ran him off but undeterred, he returned and kidnapped the younger girl, only 8-years-old. From there he put the […]

Teenager may have murdered his parents because they threw out his marijuana

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  A few weeks ago, 17-year-old John Granat’s parents threw away the marijuana he was growing at their home, prompting him to tell friends that he wanted to kill his parents. Two weeks later, they were dead, bludgeoned to death in their bedroom. Judge Peter Felice ordered Granat held without bond in court on Tuesday […]

Update: Missouri teachers protest student/teacher facebook ban

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As the school year starts in Missouri, MSNBC reports that  teachers are expressing frustration with a new law that prohibits contact between teachers and students on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The recently passed law also prohibits email and texting, and is aimed at preventing inappropriate relationships from developing between the teachers […]

Prussian Blue girls grow up, denounce white supremacy

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Lamb and Lynx Gaede become ‘recovering racists’Teen twins Lamb and Lynx Gaede are denouncing the hate filled songs that once made them infamous. As part of the singing duo Prussian Blue, the girls started their “hate rock” career at the age of 11, singing songs with lyrics like, “Aryan man awake, how much more will […]

Update: Breast milk sprayer fired from teaching job

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Woman who sprayed deputies with breast milk is let go for “conduct unbecoming” of the professionIn an update to the June 27 post regarding Ohio mother Stephanie Robinette, the Columbus Dispatch is now reporting that Robinette has been fired from her teaching job in response to the allegations that she was involved in a domestic […]

Octomom brands children 'disgusting animals'

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Nadya Suleman admits she ‘loathes’ her childrenNadya Suleman has raised concerns about how she is coping being a mum-to-many, after branding her children ‘disgusting animals’. The mum insisted she does love her children, but admitted to loathing them too. Ms Suleman became only the second woman to give birth to a full set of octuplets […]

Bellfield Found Guilty of Milly Murder

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Levi Bellfield has been found guilty of murdering 13 year old schoolgirl in 2002. The conviction brings one of Britain’s most notorious unsolved murders to a close. Amanda Dowler was abducted while walking home, after sharing chips with friends at a train station. Initially, there was no clues as to where she had gone – […]

Bellfield refuses to take stand at Milly Dowler trial

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Levi Bellfield, the man accused with abducting and murdering Milly Dowler in 2002, has refused to give evidence in his own defence at the trial. While Bellfield has denied killing Milly throughout the trial, he declined to take to the stand and give his own accounts of the events being discussed at length during the […]

Sister of internet 'bucket list' star raises $48,687 for charity

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The sister of internet sweetheart Alice Pyne has raised $48,687, or £30,000, for charity. Milly Pyne, aged 12, had hoped to raise $1,622, or £1000, for Cancer Research. Donations started to pour in when Alice’s bucket list went viral, and the teen has managed to raise 30 times her original aim. Milly ran 5km for […]

Parents of 'Genderless' baby defend their actions

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The parents of ‘genderless’ baby Storm have defended their actions after being heavily criticized for their decision. Kathy Witterick and David Stocker gave an interview to their local newspaper the Toronto Star, announcing their decision to keep baby Storm ‘genderless’, allowing him or her to develop their own gender. The article caused outrage, with many criticizing the couple and […]

Mother who killed Autistic son in hotel cleared of murder

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A mother who killed her Autistic son by strangling him in a hotel room has been cleared of murder. Yvonne Freaney, 49, took her 11 year old son Glen when she fled the family home, after years of domestic violence. The pair stayed in hotels, while Yvonne tried to find somewhere suitable for them to […]

Milly Dowler: Accused's ex gives evidence

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Levi Bellfield’s trial has continued in the Old Bailey today. The 43 year old bouncer is accused of abducting and murdering 13 year old Milly Dowler and attempting to kidnap Rachel Cowles in March 2002. He denies the charges. Yesterday the Jury were told that Bellfield and his girlfriend at the time, Emma Mills, had […]

Malaysian landslide kills 16, PM orders probe

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A landslide which destroyed an orphanage in Malaysia on Saturday has claimed more lives. Immediately after the landslide two children were found dead, and six were found with injuries. 21 were still missing. Yesterday officials announced that the death toll has risen to 16, 15 children from the orphanage and 1 adult. 6 boys and […]

Man accused of killing schoolgirl Milly Dowler approached 11 year old the day before

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As the trial of Levi Bellfield continues, the jury has heard evidence from another girl who claimed Levi offered her a lift the day before Milly Dowler went missing. Rachel Cowles, who was 11 at the time, described walking home from school when a man in a red car stopped next to her. According to […]

Metropolitan Police join search for Madeleine McCann

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David Cameron has written to Madeleine McCann’s parents promising the support of the Home Secretary and the Metropolitan Police in the search for missing Madeleine McCann. It follows an emotional plea from Kate and Jerry McCann yesterday, on what would have been Madeleine’s 8th birthday. The official Portuguese inquiry ended in July 2008, and there […]

Abducted Madeleine 'Haunts' Kate McCann

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The world was rocked when news broke that Madeleine McCann had been abducted from a hotel room in Algarve, Portugal. The nearly four-year-old had been asleep in the room with her younger siblings, twins Sean and Amelie, while their parents dined with friends at a nearby restaurant. Their room was left unlocked, so Mum and […]

Relief in sight at the pump as investors get cold feet

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After topping out at $4.00 per gallon, anylists are predicting a 50 cent drop in the price of gas by June.  This is welcome news for consumers after 44 days of steady increases. The drop was due to a sharp sell-off in commodities this week. Analysts say investors/speculators got nervous that oil, metals and grains […]

Mom will go to prison for 10 years: Toddler died while she was on Facebook

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Colorado mom, Shannon Johnson, was arrested and pleaded guilty to child negligence which ultimately lead to her toddler son’s death. Apparently Shannon Johnson routinely left her 13 month old toddler alone in the bathtub so she could have uninterrupted time online, playing Cafe World and doing other reading and surfing while on Facebook. Baby Joseph […]