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Toddler who urinated on busy Hong Kong street causes firestorm

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The parents of a 2-year-old toddler boy who allowed their child to urinate on a busy Hong Kong street defended their decision after two local Hong Kongers confronted them. The incident caused  the visiting couple and two male locals to get into a scuffle. The men, along with some local Hong Kongers, felt the act […]

George Zimmerman saves family from vehicle after crash

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George Zimmerman, 29, who was acquitted of manslaughter charges on July 13, after a jury found him not guilty of malicious intent after he shot and killed a 17-year-old African American teen, Trayvon Martin, in the infamous shooting incident on February 12, 2012 which divided the U.S. into factions largely driven by racial tension. Zimmerman, […]

U.S. non profit gives away free guns to single moms

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A non profit pro-gun advocacy group is aiming to arm single mothers in one of the most crime-ridden areas of Texas, in effort to help moms protect themselves and further study the effects the program has on crime. According to an MSNBC report on Tuesday, the Armed Citizen Project, based in Oak Forest, Texas, seeks […]

Frat boy abandoned at hospital with post-it note

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An unconscious 20-year-old Arizona State University student was abandoned at a Tempe hospital Saturday night after his fraternity brothers left him there with a post-it note attached to his body. Aidan Mohr was found sitting in a wheelchair in the emergency room at St. Luke’s Hospital with a sticky note that read, “I’ve been drinking and […]

Parents allegedly hire disabled people as means to cut lines at Disney World

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No, it’s not a story from The Onion. Wealthy parents, mostly moms, are boasting about the practice of hiring disabled “tour guides” so that their own children may receive VIP treatment at Disney World, reports the New York Post on Tuesday. The act of hiring a disabled “tour guide” for your Disney World vacation is gaining popularity among the […]

Calif. judge overrules CPS' custody of baby, gives baby back to parents

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A Sacramento, Calif., couple are decrying the actions of CPS (Child Protective Services) after the agency took custody of their 5-month-old infant son for what the couple claims was an effort on their part to provide him with another medical opinion. Alex and Ann Nikolayev, parents of 5-month-old Sammy Nikolayev told First Coast News that […]

Authorities believe faith healing couple allowed second child to die

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Authorities are waiting for an autopsy report which they believe will confirm that a Philadelphia couple allowed their infant to die last week when they denied the infant medical treatment in lieu of prayer and faith healing. If autopsy reports prove that the infant, who was suffering from a bad bout of diarrhea and respiratory problems, could have been saved if […]

Colo. school officials: Transgender first grader cannot use girl's bathroom

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Colorado school officials have put the kibosh on a first grade student, Coy Mathis, who is anatomically male but identifies herself as a female, on using the girls’ bathroom. A Fountain-Fort Carson School District attorney, W. Kelly Dude explained via CNN: [The district] took into account not only Coy but other students in the building, […]

Professor breastfeeds sick baby in class and sparks a national debate

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An American University professor has sparked a debate that has grown beyond the perimeter of the Washington D.C. campus after she brought her sick baby with her on the first day of class and breastfed in front of her students. According to assistant anthropology professor, Adrienne Pine, her daughter woke up with a fever the […]

Brooklyn school giving out condoms at prom

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Bedford-Stuyvesant Prep School in Brooklyn, NY is taking the birth control debate into its own hands (so to speak) by giving out condoms to students attending this year’s prom. There will be a safe-sex assembly held before the prom to educate the kids as well, and 500 condoms will be available afterwards. Principal Darryl Rascoe said, “There […]

Vogue to stop using child models

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In a move towards projecting healthier body images Vogue has pledged that they will now only use healthy models that are 16 and older. In 2010 the Paris edition of Vogue featured a photo spread of a 10-year-old girl which set off an international furor. “Vogue believes that good health is beautiful,” said Jonathan Newhouse, […]

Teenager protests Seventeen magazine, airbrushed images

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Julia Bluhm, an eighth-grader from Waterville, Maine, is tired of seeing airbrushed, photoshopped girls in her favorite magazine. So, she decided to challenge Seventeen. Trying to make an impact, she created a petition on entitled “Seventeen Magazine: Give Girls Images of Real Girls!”  She feels that all girls have the right to feel appreciated […]

Infant bride's marriage gets annulled

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Indian woman Laxmi Sargara was just one year old when her family had her married to a 3-year-old boy named Rakesh.  The woman, now 18-years-old, had her marriage legally annulled in what has been considered a ground-breaking case challenging the culture of child weddings, Agence France Presse reported Wednesday. According to AFP, the families of […]

'Death of an embryo' becomes crime in Tennessee

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Tennessee legislators have passed changes to a law that would make the death of an embryo a punishable crime. The bill revises a law passed in 1989 that made the death of a “viable fetus” during the course of an assault or homicide an additional criminal offense. The latest revision adds to changes last year […]

Prescription abuse on the rise

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Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in America and rural residents are twice as likely to overdose on prescription pills than People in the cities. Prescription drugs are now responsible for more deaths than Heroin and Cocaine combined. In many places prescription drugs has overtaken meth as the most abused drug. The hot new […]

Cash mobs strike again

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“Cash mobs” are the latest version of flash mobs; a large group of people getting together to perform an apparently spontaneous action. Unlike most flash mobs, a “cash mob” helps the economy. Thanks to media such as Twitter and Facebook a group of online activists has been targeting locally-owned stores in cities around the world, […]

Report: Long lasting first marriages only have 50/50 chance

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Sorry to break it to all you newlyweds out there, but your marriage only has an even chance of making it to your twentieth anniversary. New statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that women only have a 52 percent chance of remaining in a first marriage for at least 20 years, […]

Report: 30 to 50 percent of food goes in the trash

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You may want to think twice before tossing food from your fridge instead of subjecting yourself to leftovers. A new report presented at the Reuters Food and Agriculture Summit in Chicago this week estimates that somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of the world’s food production goes into the garbage. The Natural Resources Defense Council, […]

Growing number of daycare centers staying open 24/7

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More and more daycare centers are opting to stay open 24 hours to meet the demands of parents schedulesA daycare and preschool center in Bakersfield, California has recently initiated a new scheduling model which will expand their current hours of 6am – 6pm, to 24 hours, 7 days a week. The bold, expanded hours was […]

Ohio lawmaker wants men to think twice about Viagra

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An Ohio lawmaker wants to make men jump through additional hoops to obtain drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. State Sen. Nina Turner (D-Cleveland) has introduced Senate Bill 307, which would require doctors to take certain steps before and after prescribing PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra. The mandatory actions would include things such as having the […]

'Kony 2012' video faces criticism as misleading

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‘Kony 2012′ video faces criticism as misleading

Invisible Children’s motives questionedInvisible Children’s short film highlighting the dire plight of children in Uganda has received tens of millions of views since it was uploaded on YouTube this week, but it has also generated questions about the organization itself. The film, Kony 2012, highlights the actions of Ugandan guerrilla group leader Joseph Kony, whose […]

Kirk Cameron sparks Twitter firestorm after anti-gay remarks

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Calls homosexuality ‘unnatural’Kirk Cameron, the 80s television star best known for his role as Mike Seaver on Growing Pains, is facing backlash after anti-gay remarks. Appearing on the Piers Morgan Tonight show on CNN, Cameron was asked about the issue of gay marriage. Not surprisingly, the born again and deeply religious Cameron has a problem […]

Celebrity parents on the “wacky baccy”

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Lost Without U singer and celebrity dad, Robin Thicke, recently made the news, after being caught by the New York police department, smoking marijuana in his Cadillac Escalade. The multitalented father-of-one was charged with drug possession after being spotted kicked back in his car enjoying some green. Thicke was completely cooperative with the police and […]

Indiana lawmaker calls Girl Scouts 'radicalized organization'

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Says group promotes ‘homosexual lifestyles,’ abortionsWhile most of the United States celebrates the current Girl Scouts cookie season by munching on Thin Mints and Samoas, an Indiana lawmaker has decided to rail on the group instead. Indiana House Republicans put forth a resolution last week to honor the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, but […]

Reporter's kids harassed after teen drinking stories

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Peers not thrilled with liquor store being bustedA reporter has found out the hard way that teens don’t like it when you cut off their easy access to alcohol. Andrea McCarren, a long time TV reporter for WUSA in Washington, DC, produced a report about underage drinking that featured the Town Square Market, a local […]