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Police: Preschool teacher slipped sleeping pills into tots sippy cups

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A Kiddie Academy preschool teacher in Morgan Hill, Calif., was arrested on Monday after the school called police because they suspected she was drugging the children. Debbie Gratz, 59, was fired on Friday after Gratz’ colleague witnessed Gratz allegedly slipping small pieces of pills inside the children’s sippy cups. Gratz was the teacher of classroom of […]

Daycare teacher scrubs child's face with chemicals, burned and scarred his skin

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A teacher at a Kinder-Care daycare facility in Silverdale, Washington, attempted to remove a Chuck E. Cheese Tattoo from 5-year-old Silas Gholston’s face for a class portrait.  However, according to daycare officials and the boy’s mother, Heidi Dietrich, the teacher “improperly used a cleaning product” on the boy’s right cheek, which caused a large burn. […]

Bert and Ernie to wed on Sesame Street?

Posted on in Entertainment, Preschoolers, Social Issues, Toddlers | 0 comments has started an internet campaign to pressure the producers of the long-running and popular children’s show “Sesame Street” into having Bert and Ernie (two male friends who live together) get married. As of early Wednesday, more than 900 people had signed an online petition about the puppet friends. There is an accompanying Facebook page with more than […]

Five-year-old drowns toddler to stop crying

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A five year old girl has admitted to killing an 18 month old boy to stop him from crying. The girl had been left in the care of a teenager, with several other children, while the adult of the home went to collect the 18-month-old’s father. When the 18 month old boy was found dead […]

Four year old artist sells work for tens of thousands of dollars

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Like most 4-year olds, Aelita Andre loves to paint multicolored, splatter-filled pictures. The spirited Russian-Australian girl also loves to tell stories and shout at her paintbrushes while she’s doing it. Unlike other 4-year olds, her paintings don’t always end up on the refrigerator–more than 200 of her works have sold for tens of thousands of dollars to […]

Mum puts two year old up for sale on Ebay

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A woman from Michigan is being investigated by police after putting the two year old girl she was looking after up for sale on popular auction site Ebay. Police were alerted to the auction by a bidder, who had placed a $1000 bid as a joke, and was understandably worried when the bid was accepted. […]

5 Year Old Boy Draws Pictures To Fund Treatment

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A five year old boy has found a unique and heart-warming way to fund his expensive hospital treatment…by selling his drawings. Aiden Reed, from Kansas, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on September 13th last year. The family were devastated by the news, until doctors discovered that the specific type of cancer Aiden suffers from […]

4-year-old shoots babysitter

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Looks like these parents won’t be going out to the movies again. Police say a 4-year-old boy shot his babysitter Sunday because the 17-year-old stepped on his foot. The Columbus Dispatch reports that the boy “retrieved a shell from a drawer in a back bedroom, grabbed a 20-gauge single-shot shotgun from a closet and loaded […]