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Man performs emergency c-section on porcupine after accident

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Jared Buzzell of Libson, Maine, was in the right place at the right time on Thursday when he spotted a porcupine in distress. Although Buzzell didn’t set out to perform heroic birthing duties that day, he found himself delivering a porcupine baby through pure happenstance. Buzzell was reportedly combing the roadside in Libson for wild […]

Mom gives birth to two sets of identical twins

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A Texas couple beat the odds on Valentines day when they welcomed into the world four boys which included a rare two sets of identical twins. The chances of delivering two sets of identical twins? — One in 70 million. The quadruplets mother, Tressa Montalvo, 36, said she and her husband were only trying to […]

9-year-old girl from Mexico gives birth

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A 9-year-old girl gave birth to a healthy baby girl and is now one of the youngest mothers in the world.  The girl, identified as “Dafne,” gave birth by C-section at the Zoquipan hospital in Jalisco, Mexico on January 27.  The baby weighed 5.7 lbs. According to the hospital director, Dr. Enrique Rabago, “Due to […]

Maintenance worker finds dead fetus clogging toilet

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A maintenance worker who responded to a call about a clogged toilet on the first floor of an apartment building he maintained in Houston, Texas, was horrified to find the reason behind the malfunctioning toilet. The maintenance worker was called to the Azalea Park apartment complex in southwest Houston on Thursday only to find a […]

Twins denied U.S. citizenship over un-American sperm

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American born mom’s children denied U.S. citizen because she can’t prove nationality of donorsA U.S. citizen from Chicago, Illinois is fighting for twin’s citizenship after going to Israel to conceive through in-vitro fertilization. The U.S. State Department is denying the mother’s twin daughters, Maya and Shira, 2-years-old, citizenship because they refuse to recognize her offspring […]

Teen Mom Leah Messer pregnant again

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Messer reported to be pregnant for second time, with quite a surprise for her fans.  From the onset of the second season of 16 and Pregnant, most of the controversial show’s loyal watchers knew that Leah Messer’s story would continue to be played out if a second season of Teen Mom were created. And it […]

Khloe Kardashian-Odom to try In-Vitro

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After two years of trying to conceive naturally, reports say the Odoms are turning to science for a babyThe entire Kardashian family has had an interesting year, from Kim’s 72-day marriage to Kourtney’s announcement at the beginning of December that she was expecting a little brother or sister for little Mason, but younger sister Khloe […]

Pregnant man may stop at 3 kids

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Pregnant man Thomas Beatie and wife Nancy have three kids and say they do not have plans to have moreThomas Beatie, the pregnant man who shot to fame after his bearded face and pregnant belly were pictured in media outlets across the country in 2007, now has three kids and appeared on the Oct. 31 […]

Woman gives birth to daughter after running Chicago Marathon

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Most women near the end of their pregnancy just want to take it easy and await the arrival of the new member of their family, but one Chicago area woman had different plans — to run over 26 miles instead. Amber Miller, despite being 39 weeks pregnant, participated in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, and […]

Police: Delaware mother tries to sell baby for 15k

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Bridget Wismer arrested for trying to sell newborn baby to 54 year old Philly manDelware police say that physical evidence exists that Bridget Wismer, 33,  tried to sell her baby to John Gavaghan, 54. The evidence turned up during a search warrant of Gavghan’s home. Wismer’s family reportedly alerted the police after they discovered that […]

Premature babies have higher risk of death in young adulthood, study finds

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A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine has found that premature babies have a higher risk of death in early adulthood than babies born at full term. The study, conducted by Dr. Casey Crump of Stanford University, used Swedish medical records to track 674,820 births. Of these 4.1%, 27 667 babies, were preterm […]

Hospitals nixing formula samples

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In a move to promote breastfeeding, hospitals across the nation are prohibiting the practice of doling out free formula samples to new moms at the end of their stay. In the past three years the trend has been on the rise, and the number of hospitals jumping on the band wagon has doubled, says a […]

Placentas: Stem cell research, spaghetti or lasagna

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The choice is yoursIn the medical world, the human placenta is the connection between a fetus and its mother, removing waste and delivering oxygen, nutrients and everything else a fetus needs to grow strong and prepare for its big entrance into the world. Depending on beliefs and cultures, the human placenta can be utilized many […]

New trend for mothers–eating placentas?

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After giving birth some new mothers want to keep their placentas for cultural reasons, but more and more new mothers are keeping them for a different reason–to eat them. New York Magazine recently ran a feature called “The Placenta Cookbook,” which studied all aspects of the placentophagia fad, from the professional placenta-preparer to recipes and tips to enjoy the afterbirth to […]

Newborn survival rate in U.S. ranks surprisingly low

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A 20 year analysis of newborn death rates around the world published in PLoS Medicine showed that the number of newborn deaths in the United States ranked 41 out of 45 among industrialized countries, equal with Qatar and Croatia. The World Health Organization and Save the Children conducted the study, which also showed that the number of infants who […]

The "Florence Nightingale" of Malawi saves mothers and babies

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Seeing too many mothers die during childbirth has caused a retired nurse and midwife, Charity Salima,to quit her job and try to save mothers and babies in Malawi, the country with the third highest infant mortality rates in the world. To mothers of Malawi, Salima is like Florence Nightingale. She has used the most basic equipment to single handedly deliver more […]

Husband claims wife tossed baby from 4th story of parking garage suffered post partum depression

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Baby dies after mother tosses him from 4th story of a parking garageSonia Hermosillo, 31, the mother  of a baby she threw from the 4th story of a parking garage in Irvine, California, is purported by her husband to have suffered from post-partum depression. The baby, Noe Medina Jr., was born with several congenital birth […]

U.S.: Poor women have over twice as many unwanted pregnancies as middle class counterparts

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A recent study show that over the last few years, there has been a marked increase in the amount of unplanned pregnancies within the poorer communities in the U.S.. By contrast, the amount of unplanned pregnancies among the middle class and wealthy has sharply declined. Researchers from the Guttmacher institute are studying the numbers as […]

Immigrant woman shackled while in labor wins $200,000 lawsuit

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On Thurday a jury awarded Juana Villegas, an illegal immigrant, $200,000 in her civil case against the joint government of Nashville and Davidson County. Her suit alleged that county sheriff’s deputies violated her rights when they shackled her through the end of her pregnancy, while in labor and even during her recovery after giving birth. Her attorney, Elliott Ozment, intends to ask […]

Teen mother delivers premature infant after being shot dead

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Chicago teenager was shot dead in drive-by shooter but baby survivedA 17 year old girl who was walking with her friends at around 10:15 pm on Chicago’s Southwest side when she was randomly shot dead by an unidentified man. The teen was 6 month pregnant. The pregnant victim, Charinez Jefferson, reportedly died shortly after she […]

Strokes on the rise among pregnant women and new moms

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A recent national study reported that rates of stroke in women during pregnancy or soon after giving birth have jumped an average of 54 percent in 12 years (47% in pregnant women and 83% in new mothers within 12 weeks of giving birth). According to a new study published in the journal, Stroke, pregnancy-related stroke hospitalizations […]

Maternity leave important to well-being of mother and cognitive development of child

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A new demographic analysis from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has revealed that working doesn’t lower the quality of parenting or even worsen parental stress, as long as the right amount of leave is taken at birth. Researchers Pinka Chatterji, Sara Markowitz and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn used data from the National Institute of Child Health And Human Development’s […]

Study shows rate of C-section births at an all-time high

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A recent study by Health Grades has shown that the rate of C-section births was at 34% in 2009, the highest it’s ever been. Researchers studied public health data from 2002 to 2009, a span during which C-section birth rate rose from 27% to 34%. Jacqueline Wolf, a researcher at Ohio University (who wasn’t involved in the study) said “Obviously, […]

New baby delivery plans cut health costs

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Research shows delaying induction can save millionsFor the last four years, Intermountain Healthcare, a Utah based healthcare system, has been reviewing the expenses associated with inducing labor prior to a baby’s due date. MSNBC (via Reuters) reports that researchers have been doing specific comparisons between the costs of inducing at 39, 38 and 37 weeks […]

Pink and Carey Hart dote over daughter Willow Sage

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How they came up with the namePink and Carey Hart have now been proud parents to Willow Sage Hart for four weeks and they couldn’t be happier. Originally planning on a natural birth, Pink and Hart had a surprise waiting for them. “We took all kinds of classes and decided to work with midwives at […]