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Oregon father calls police to report abusive house cat

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When cats attack! An Oregon family claims they were terrorized by their family’s 22 lb. cat on Monday, forcing them to imprison themselves in their bedroom in order to protect their 7-month-old baby. The infant’s father told police that the cat scratched the baby in the face so he kicked the cat on the back […]

Dogs save Missouri boy, 6, from freezing to death

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Ryle Smith, 6, of Seneca, Missouri, has his family dogs to thank for saving his life Friday night after Ryle got lost in the woods. Ryle’s parents, Ryan and Holly Smith, called police at around 5 P.M. CST Friday night after Ryle failed to come back inside after playing in the backyard. Police say the […]

Adopted dog saves couple's newborn daughter

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A Connecticut family is praising their adopted mixed breed dog they rescued six years ago for saving the life of their newborn daughter on Sunday. Jenna Brousseau, the dog’s owner, says she and her husband were startled Sunday night when their dog “Duke” jumped onto their bed and started shaking so much, it woke the […]

Florida Grandfather combats gator to save dog

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Steve Gustafson, 66, says he had no choice but to act when he saw an alligator grab his 13 pound Highland Terrier pooch from the backyard of his Villages, Orlando, Florida home. He says he just had to save her. Gustafson, a retired corporate lawyer and grandfather, witnessed his dog get nabbed at the shoreline […]

Family's runaway dog found three years later, 830 miles away

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An Oregon family is celebrating the return of their beloved pet after their Border Collie mix dog ran away nearly three years. The dog was found only recently in Utah. The dog, named Sarah, had been with the Riccitti family in Oregon since it was a puppy, but ran away while staying with family friends […]

Kitten found immersed in glue doing well after rescue

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A 10-week-old stray kitten was rescued after his scary encounter with glue.  Passerby’s found the kitten with his body partially immersed in epoxy glue used to cover cracks around a parking garage in Salem, Oregon. The black kitten had it’s share of bad luck when he found his legs, paws and belly frozen inside the […]

Family of dog that killed baby fight to have it's life spared

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Nevada family finds way to keep their dog alive after it violently killed their babyThe owners of a dog ‘Onion’ who mauled their 1-year-old toddler Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan to death at the end of April are taking steps to prevent their dog from being destroyed. Jeremiah was killed by the 120 lb. Rhodesian-Mastiff mix last month, […]

DogTV for the canine couch potato

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DogTV is a new breed of television programming aimed at our four-footed friends. The ad-free programming is geared towards man’s best friend while their humans are at work. Many pet owners have been leaving televisions and radios on for their furry companions when they go out so their pets have company, said Dr. Nick Dodman, […]

Puppies found alive in school dumpster

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Two pups found in poor health after being abandoned and thrown in trashCafeteria workers reportedly found two miniature poodles among a trash mound outside a grade school in Indianapolis, Indiana last week. The puppies were discovered by two Mount Comfort Elementary School employees, April McMullen and Debbie Snow, while they throwing items into the recycle […]

Chicago: Police called after neighborhood kids beat dog with baseball bats

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‘Isis’ was rescued by Chicago Police after she was beaten by children with bats and broomsThe owner of Isis, a shepherd terrier mix, was charged with animal cruelty last month after the dog was found outside in the cold, having been severely beaten by neighborhood children in Chicago. The owner, Lashon Johnson, and her teenage […]

Homeless man rescues 8 wk old kitten

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Young resident of a homeless shelter doesn’t give up on a little kitten stuck in a storm pipeA homeless man residing in a homeless shelter in Davidson County, North Carolina, heroically rescued a kitten from a storm sewer after hearing him cry for 5 days straight. The rescue came after animal control and the fire […]

Connecticut toddler killed by family pit bulls

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In West Haven, Connecticut, NBC News is reporting that a 20-month-old toddler has been killed in an attack by as many as three pit bulls. The toddler was visiting her aunt’s apartment at the time. Police were called to the scene that evening and told the girl had been bitten by a dog. She was […]

Dog owners get in scuffle, baby gets pepper sprayed

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A Canadian woman was walking her Pit Bull in Surrey, Canada, along with her 6 month old baby who was being strolled simultaneously when they met another dog owner with a Doberman who claims the woman’s Pit Bull was being aggressive. The Royal Canadian Police reported that the man told them he tried pepper spraying […]

Pregnant woman killed by her pet pit bull

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A pregnant woman was mauled to death by her pet pit bull in her home in Pacifica, California. Police Captain Dave Bertini reports that the body of Darla Napora, 32, was found by her husband around noon with a pit bull, one of the family dogs, standing over her. The husband was able to get the pit bull outside before […]

'Yoda' crowned World's ugliest dog

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A dog called Yoda has won the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition. The chihuahua and Chinese Crested dog cross, aged 14. His owner found him abandoned behind an apartment, and said originally she thought the dog was an overgrown rat. Chihuahua’s and Chinese Crested dog’s win the title most often, with Yoda taking over from a […]

Are 4-H clubs teaching kids traditional values, or desensitizing them to violence?

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According to their website, the mission of the 4-H Club is to “…empower youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults.”   When you think of 4-H Clubs, however, different people get two distinctly different visions in their mind. For one group, it’s kids nurturing sweet little calves, children winning ribbons, urban gardens […]

15 Year old girl, distraught over dog's illness, dies in car crash

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Taylor Stinchcomb, 15, was heartbroken to learn that her 4-year-old Doberman pinscher, Romulus, was diagnosed with cancer. When her parents talked about putting the dog to sleep, her loyalty to her dog drove her to load Romulus into her parents’ minivan without permission and flee the house, a trip that ended in tragedy as she and the dog […]

Parent's pet ferret chews off their babies' fingers

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A four month old baby boy has lost seven of his fingers after his parent’s pet ferret chewed them off. Ryan R Waldo and Carrie R Waldo, 33 and 25, have both been charged with first degree child endangerment after it emerged that their son was home alone at the time. They have not responded […]

Tornado dog finds home – on two broken legs

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A dog who went missing in the 27th April Alabama tornado has made it home – twenty days after going missing. The dog, a terrier mix called Mason, had hid in a garage to escape from the tornado. When his owners saw the garage torn apart, they searched for Mason, but to no avail. Three […]

Father of two killed by dog bite three months later

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A father of two from Cheshire has died of multiple organ failure after being bitten by his dog on a camping trip in Wales. 35 year old Damien Holden was camping with his family and Weimaraner Eric when his dog bit his hand. He suffered from fevers for three days following the bite, and was […]

Shanghai applies 'one baby' rule to dogs

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Shanghai has decided to apply its controversial ‘one family, one baby’ rule to dogs, due to soaring rabies figures. The city has followed Beijing and Guangzhou in introducing new pet ownership regulations, which limit each family to one dog. They also slash dog registration fees, and mean anyone walking a dog must keep it on […]

London Zoo faces criticism after death of baby Tiny

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London Zoo has been called ‘incompetent’ after the death of baby Silverback gorilla Tiny. 7 month old Tiny died on Friday after him and his mother Mjukuu were introduced to a new male, Kesho. Kesho attacked Tiny, causing a broken arm and internal injuries. Although the infant gorilla underwent a three hour operation to pin […]

Two year old suffers life threatening injuries after horse kicked her

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An Australian toddler’s life hangs in the balance while lying in a drug induced coma after a horse reportedly kicked her in the head. Her mother, Bree Petrie, is a recent award winning equestrian in Australia who has been described by a neighbor as ‘passionate about horses’, according to the Herald Sun. Apparently, the toddler’s […]

NYC teen kills brother's pet hamster, could face prison time of 2 years

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In a case of sibling rivalry gone awry, a Brooklyn, NY teen is accused of smacking down a little pet hamster and killing it. While the incident occurred last summer, NBC New York is reporting that the teenager has only recently been arrested after an investigation determined that Monique Smith, 19, was in felony violation […]

2 year old mauled by dog in bathtub

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A 2 year old Indiana toddler was playing in the bathtub when his Grandmother’s Thai Ridgeback dog ran into the bathroom and repeatedly bit him in the face. The toddler was reported to have needed over 150 stitches and may be permanently disfigured according to Indy 6 News. According to police, the Grandmother will not […]